Legislation for data thefts

There have been several incidents of data theft or loss involving personal information held by large companies. As a result, legislation is being discussed that would provide penalties not just for data thieves, but for companies that fail to keep private information secure. Discuss your opinions about this as a group. Are such laws needed? Please give reasons to support your answer.

Sample Answer

Formulation of legislation in the area of data security has been so elusive for so long as it raises several ethical concerns especially with the argument that it may breach privacy rights of those whose data are sought to be protected. So far, there are several legislations that have been enacted to protect personal data and they include the privacy act, fair credit reporting act among others.

1.1 Introduction to the report

This report will portray the principle highlights of Mexico, including foundation data, geological highlights, legislative issues, economy and social pointers.

1.2 Background of Mexico

Mexico is the support of different exceptionally created Amerindian developments, including the Olmec, Maya, Toltec, and Aztec (Country Watch, 2014).It is additionally the most crowded Spanish talking nation on the planet (Baird et al, 2009; Country Watch, 2014). It was vanquished and colonized by Spain for three centuries and pronounces its autonomy in 1821 (Baird et al, 2009; CIA, 2014). In 1836, Mexico lost Texas and from 1846 to 1848 after the Mexican War of an area trip with the U.S., it lost the region in the northern Rio Grande (Boardman, 2006; Infoplease, 2005). In 1994, The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) produces results among Mexico, the U.S. furthermore, Canada (Scholastic, 2014; O'Neil, 2014).

2.0 Geographical highlights

2.1 Location and size

Mexico is situated in the North America, between the northern fringe with the United States (3,141 km) and southern outskirt with Belize (250 km) and Guatemala (962km), just as flanking the North Pacific Ocean, the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico (Baird et al, 2009; CIA, 2014; STRATFOR, 2012). It is completely open via air, ocean, vehicle, taxi, transport and traveler train (Baird et al, 2009; Frommer's, 2014a; Frommer's, 2014b; Visit Mexico, 2012).

Mexico is enigmatically under multiple times the size of Texas and positioned 14 on the planet (CIA, 2014). The all out surface territory is 1,964,375 square kilometers which is exacerbated of 1,943,945 sq km land zone and 20,430 sq km water region (CIA, 2014). It likewise has a sum of 9,330 km coastline (CIA, 2014).

Guide 1. Guide of Mexico. Source: CIA (2014)

2.2 Weather and time zone

Mexico's atmosphere shifts from tropical to betray in agreement to its fluctuated topography (see map2) . It has two primary atmosphere seasons: stormy (May to mid-Oct) and dry (mid-Oct to Apr) (Frommer's, 2014c). Sea tempest season (June to October) influences climate on the Yucat??n Peninsula and the southern Pacific coast (Frommer's, 2014c).

There are three time zones in Mexico: the Northeast, the Pacific and Central time zone (see map3).

Guide 2. Atmosphere Zones of Mexico (ERM, 2014)

Guide 3. Mexico time zone map (Time temperature, 2014)

3.0 Social markers

As indicated by HDI 2012, Mexico is a high human advancement nation regarding future, training, and salary (UNDP, 2013). In any case, there is as yet a high level of salary imbalance and disproportional profit by the economy development among certain financial gatherings, for example, human services (Leiner et al, 2012; Mckee and Todd, 2011; Ruiz-Beltran and Kamau, 2001; Van Ginneken, 1979). As per the World Bank (2014f), the greater part of Mexican live at national neediness line. The lopsided topographical spread of advantage from monetary development is because of fast urbanization (Durr, 2012; UN information, 2014).

4.0 Economic pointers

The monetary pointers beneath outlined a relentless development of the nation's economy (see table 1). Anyway it doesn't mirror the salary circulation and genuine cash an incentive inside a nation, for example, urban/provincial.

Mexico is a one of the ten biggest oil maker and exporter on the planet (EIA, 2012). Since NAFTA produces results, intraregional exchange has increased from generally $290 billion of every 1993 to over $1.1 trillion out of 2012 (O'Neil, 2014). US is Mexico essential fare accomplice represent 78 percent of absolute fares and they share a 2,000-mile outskirt (CIA, 2014; BWHA, 2013; O'Neil, 2014). The fundamental ventures in Mexico are nourishment and drinks, tobacco, synthetic substances, iron and steel, oil, mining, materials, garments, engine vehicles, purchaser durables and the travel industry (CIA, 2014; IHS Global, 2013; Wilson, 2008).

2009 2010 2011 2012 Source

Gross domestic product per capita (current US$) 7,691 8,885 9,717 9,749 World Bank (2014d)

Net national salary per capita, PPP (current global $) 13,800 14,600 15,800 16,450 World Bank (2014e)

Table 1 Summary of monetary pointers

5.0 Politics

Mexico is a government republic, represented by the Institutional Revolutionary Party (CIA, 2014). It comprises of 31 states and 1 government area of which is likewise the capital, Mexico City (CIA, 2014).

Since 2010, Mexico has tormented by wild savagery and wrongdoing (Baird et al, 2009; BBC, 2013; Country Watch, 2014; Gov.uk, 2014; STRATFOR, 2012; Watt and Zepeda, 2012).Narco-dealing is probably the greatest wellspring of income, just as its most wrongdoing with more than 12,000 medication evaluated executions in 2011 (Baird et al, 2009; Watt and Zepeda, 2012). The new president reported another national police power in mid 2013 because of expanding worry of security. In any case, it will take quite a while before it produces results (BMI, 2014).

6.0 Conclusion

Mexico is generally open with rich common assets, for example, oil, just as its assorted societies. It has brilliant monetary execution. Be that as it may, its financial advantage is disproportionally spread. In addition, its economy is excessively reliant on the U.S. advertise. The other significant concern is its security.