Let America Be America Again

Read Langston Hughes' "Let America Be America Again" and then write a literary analysis of the poem

Sample Answer

‘’Let America Be America Again’’ is a poem written by Langston Hughes in 1935 that ideally focuses on the values and aspirations of the American Dream which encompasses freedom for all, equality, and happiness. However, this is not what everyone feels including the poet. The work of literature is always to reflect or mirrors the happenings in the society and encrypting it into the artistic forms. This what the poet does. This essay will thus provide a critical and a comprehensive analysis

This encompasses the desired outcome of the study, which is to make San Juan, La Union a priority choice in the Philippines. This also elucidates the necessary measures to be conducted to achieve the coveted output and the possible threats through the utilization of the assessment and implications with the economic index indicators in acquiescence with the serious leisure qualities.

Figure 3: Conceptual Framework
The number of tourists visiting a surfing destination is the keystone to ascertain whether the place is the priority choice surfing destination or not. A tourist’s decision in opting for a certain destination is dependent to their leisure qualities which influences their preference in a surfing destination (Barbieri & Sotomayor, 2013). A leisure quality is the stimuli and their surf-related decision-making is the action. Whereas, the economic index indicators are what makes up a surfing destination. It characterizes what can be found and seen within the place. In a simplified exegesis, the indicators are what would satisfy or heed the leisure quality.
Using the leisure quality as a foundation, the economic index indicators can be assessed and formed an implication according to what the tourists want in a surfing destination. Once the economic index indicators are in compliance with the leisure qualities and the surf travel preferences, it will help tourists decide in their surf travel. This method will be applied to San Juan, La Union, in high hopes that it would serve as a catalyst in choosing San Juan, La union as the priority surfing destination in the entirety of the Philippines.

Research Objectives
This study aims to develop the Sustainability Development Plan based from the Economic Index Indicators and Serious Leisure Quality.
This research will seek to answer the following:
A. What is the level of agreement in assessing a surf destination using the Economic Index Indicator?
B. What is the level of influence of Serious Leisure Qualities in choosing a surf destination?
C. Is there any relationship between the Economic Index Indicator and Serious Leisure Qualities?
The goal of this study is to reform San Juan, La Union as a priority choice in the surf industry through the assessment and formulation of implications using the Economic Index Indicators with consideration of the serious leisure qualities. The first step is to recognize and familiarize with the criteria. Second step is to discover the problem or the improvements needed by evaluating the surfing destination and assessing the problems that require attention. The third step is to formulate the solution or the ap