Major elements of fiction

Proposal Questions: Please provide thoughtful responses to the following questions. Endeavor to develop your answers as completely as possible in order to help you think about this upcoming research essay.
1. What major elements of fiction will you focus on in researching for this essay? Explain in some detail what you will focus on at this point of your understanding of the novel.
2. How do you think these elements will help you to not only analyze the novel, but apply critical theory to your understanding of the text?
3. What critical theory will you use to support your argument of the text? Explain why you are using this particular theory?
4. How will you use this theory in your understanding of the novel? What ideas in the novel will you address using this theory?
5. Provide a “working thesis”

b. Provide an annotated bibliography of the two outside sources you will use for this assignment. (See the sample annotated bibliography handout)

2. Write a 1,800-2,000-word essay on the novel, Disgrace - Due Nov 17
The essay should focus on one or two of the major elements of fiction: theme, characters, symbolism, or setting.
You must use one of the following critical theories:
1. Post-colonial theory
2. Psychological/Psychoanalytic theory, which can include trauma
3. Feminist/gender theory


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