Managerial Economics

Select an issue or a case or some critical observations for your company on something that you believe, is a challenging economic phenomenon in Saudi Arabia. For example, if you like to concentrate on the Real Sector Development in SAUDI ARABIA, concentrate on
(i) the demand & supply scenario: reasons for growth both in demand & supply sides of the sector,
(ii) its production & cost structure,
(iii) its market structure & various player’s strategies (their observations and analysis) &
(iv) the Pros & Cons of this sector, and finally, (v) your conclusions.

Middle East and their oil production have been an important part of the world’s international business and economy. Oil is one of the most coveted natural resources in the world and the Middle East has held this equity, along with some international power, since the early twentieth century. Oil was first discovered in Saudi Arabia on March 3, 1938; just six years after the territory became the Kingdom

(an) Adhesives ought to have high rigidity, firm quality and ease to bond two surfaces emphatically. Glues utilized in development are called auxiliary glues. They are ordered dependent on the source they are acquired from. Following are the three sorts of glues being used.

(b) Natural cements ( otherwise called natural glues)

Characteristic glues are produced using natural sources, for example, vegetable starch, common tars or creatures (milk protein)

(c) Synthetic glues: These are synthetically fabricated cements. Vinyl, acrylics, rubbers and epoxy saps are a few instances of manufactured cements.

Every basic cement fall under the accompanying gatherings:

• Thermoplastic

• Thermosetting

Thermoplastic glues are utilized in wood, glass, metals and plastics

Instances of thermoplastic basic glues are

• PVA – polyvinyl acetic acid derivation (wood and general)

• Cyano-acrylate (plastics, metals, glass)

• Acrylics (metal, elastic)

Thermosetting glues are utilized in glass fiber, mortars, metal-to-metal and sandwich board development. Coming up next are some regular instances of thermosetting auxiliary glues:

• Epoxy (predominantly solid, metal-to-metal)

• Polyurethane (sandwich board development, semi-basic uses with plastic, metal and wood)

• Phenol-formaldehyde (chipboards and compressed wood)

• Unsaturated polyesters (fiber-glass, gum mortar)

The above basic cements can likewise be characterized based on the materials they are utilized on

Arrangement of cements dependent on materials

Metal Concrete and mortar Glass and glass fiber Plastic and elastic Timber and general

Epoxy Phenol-formaldehyde Unsaturated Polyester Cyano-acrylate

Acrylic Unsaturated Polyester PVA Cyano-acrylate Acrylic

Cyano-acrylate Polyurethane