“Medication is the solution to psychological conditions”

Critically evaluate the statement "medication is the solution to psychological conditions" with reference to evidence-based and recovery oriented approaches to working with a person who experience anxiety.
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- Critically evaluate " invites the author to compare and contrast perspectives, highlight "grey areas, consider exceptions, and draw on both sides of an argument, rather than simply describing information. A portion of the mark is allocated to critical thinking demonstrated in the work.

Sample Answer

According to Mead, human personal development takes place in three major phases. These stages are: preparatory stage, play stage and finally game stage. According to Mead, the preparatory stage begins from the moment we are born to the time we attain the age of two years. From age two to six, Mead defines it as the play stage while presenting the final stage as the game stage which begins from age seven onwards and this stage is characterized by children having the ability to understand the rules of game. The comprehensive understanding of Mead theory of development therefore is the main concern of this paper as shall be seen.

As of late, scientists have been sharp understanding the connection between Schizophrenia, substance mishandles, and fierce criminal conduct. As per most of these most recent research ponders, suicide is one of the most widely recognized crime related with Schizophrenia. History of past savagery is another basic indicator of brutal wrongdoing related with Schizophrenia. Schizophrenia patients with a rich history of viciousness are probably going to carry out violations, for example, assault and murder. Schizophrenia persistent is likewise almost certain to take part in substance and liquor misuse. They misuse medications and abuse liquor due to the dysfunctional behavior that influences their capacity to think and reason precisely. This implies the more the patient participates in medication and liquor misuse, the higher the odds of perpetrating violations. Moreover, note that Schizophrenia patient's inability to take medicine builds their risks of taking part in wrongdoing. This is for the most part on the grounds that, without medicine, the side effects, for example, pipedreams and hallucinations exacerbates. The subjective capacity of the patient is additionally antagonistically influenced. Subsequently, they are probably going to settle on ineffectual choices like participating in crimes. The motivation behind this article is to investigate the association among Schizophrenia and Crime.

The Connection among Schizophrenia and Crime

As per an Australian examination, Schizophrenia persistent is multiple times prone to perpetrate wrongdoings when contrasted with a person who isn't experiencing any psychological sickness. Furthermore, around 8.2% of Schizophrenia patients have been sentenced for savage violations. The primary explanation behind the comprehension among Schizophrenia and wrongdoing is that the turmoil unfavorably influences the person's insight (Keers et al. 2014). In ordinary conditions, Schizophrenia persistent acts like a typical individual. Be that as it may, if the turmoil isn't dealt with ahead of schedule, it can have huge ramifications for the patient's life.

Schizophrenia unfavorably influences the patient's intellectual capacity. One of the most widely recognized side effects of Schizophrenia is a useless perspective. As a rule, Schizophrenia patients are viewed as with inadequate official working. In such circumstances, the patient experiences issues fathoming the data they are displayed. Subsequently, they settle on inadequate choices because of poor elucidation of such data. The patient's memory is likewise antagonistically influenced (Rund, 2018). This implies they are anything but difficult to overlook. Schizophrenia patients additionally experience difficulties focus. For example, when they are informed that crimes draw in discipline, they effectively overlook. Regardless of whether they are cautioned, they effectively take part in crimes without their desire. Hence, to keep away from such circumstances, it is basic to urge Schizophrenia to look for treatment at the earliest opportunity.

Psychological disability because of the turmoil can influence different parts of the patient's life. Much of the time, Schizophrenia patients can't participate in ordinary day by day exercises. Some of them pull back from the general public. This is for the most part since they can't relate and interface with others including loved ones. Consequently, when looked with difficulties, a large portion of them will fall back on brutality and crimes. Absence of successful relational abilities influences their capacity to convey what needs be (Keers et al. 2014). In this way, if untreated, they will wind up participating in crimes, for example, suicide.

Besides, Schizophrenia patients can't take part in scholarly exercises and undertakings. Rather than perusing a book, such a patient regularly glares on the pages without perusing or focusing. When watching, they can glare on the screen without following or understanding what is happening by any means. Their capacity to see guidelines is additionally influenced. For example, in the event that they are instructed to be discipline, they will overlook and still take part in bothersome practices (Fleischman et al., 2014). This is so in light of the fact that the confusion influences the patient's short memory, fixation, and official capacity.

Conclusion and Treatment

The association among Schizophrenia and wrongdoing can be detached by diagnosing and treating the influenced patients. Perhaps the most ideal methods for diagnosing Schizophrenia is through a physical test. The physical test is for the most part led to decide out manifestations that are not related with Schizophrenia. Physical test likewise empowers the specialists to check for some other wellbeing complexities that could be influencing the patient. Also, there are different tests and screenings that have been suggested for the analysis of Schizophrenia (Rund, 2018). Tests are basically planned for precluding the reasons for comparable side effects of Schizophrenia. Then again, screenings are intended to beware of issues, for example, substance and liquor misuse.

Moreover, it is basic to take note of that mental assessment assumes a pivotal job in diagnosing Schizophrenia. This is the procedure wherein an emotional well-being calling minds the psychological status of the patient. The most widely recognized issues that are checked incorporate the potential for viciousness and wrongdoing, visualizations, suicide, and substance misuse. The wellbeing expert can likewise utilize such chance to talk about the family and history of the patient (Fleischman et al., 2018). Mental assessment uncovers a great deal with respect to the association among Schizophrenia and wrongdoing.

On account of treatment of Schizophrenia, antipsychotics are the most suggested drugs. The essential target of antipsychotic is to control the side effects of this issue by affecting the mind working. Generally, these meds are centered around bringing down the signs and manifestations of Schizophrenia (Silverstein et al., 2015). Antianxiety medications and antidepressants can likewise be utilized to treat the confusion. Nonetheless, to successfully delink the association among Schizophrenia and wrongdoing, it is crucial to utilize psychosocial mediations.

One of the most regularly favored psychosocial intercession is singular treatment. One of the essential goals of this treatment is to assist the patient with coping with the pressure related with the turmoil. The patient is likewise engaged to find out about the confusion's notice signs. In such circumstances, they are better set to deal with the confusion at singular levels (Silverstein et al., 2015). This implies violations, for example, suicide and potential wrongdoings are limited. The subsequent mediation is social aptitudes preparing. The essential target of this treatment is to improve the social aptitudes of the patient. This implies the patient will be better put to convey what needs be to loved ones (Rund, 2018). At the point when they are worried up, they can be effectively helped. In such circumstances, the capability of them taking part in viciousness or crimes are impressively diminished.

At long last, family treatments can assume a urgent job in supporting Schizophrenia patients. For example, family treatment is intended to advance and bolster the group of the patient. At the point when the patient's family is upheld, stress and different manifestations are probably going to be decreased. Over the long haul, the patient will be probably not going to effortlessly participate in crimes (Fleischman et al., 2018). Finally, professional recovery and bolstered business can emphatically change the lives of Schizophrenia patients. Enabling these patients to a point where they have occupations to help themselves and their families lessens the odds of them taking part in wrongdoing and viciousness.


All in all, it is compact that Schizophrenia and Crime are interconnected. The essential purpose behind this relationship is that Schizophrenia influences the patient's cognizance. This implies the memory, consideration, and official capacity of the patient are antagonistically influenced. Because of poor thinking and thinking, the patient is probably going to take part in brutality and crimes, for example, suicide. Be that as it may, to kill this circumstance, Schizophrenia must be analyzed and treated. The best conclusion approaches incorporate a physical test, tests and screening, and mental assessment. Then again, psychosocial intercessions, for example, individual and family treatment assumes a focal job in delinking the patient from wrongdoing.