Men being the victims of Domestic violence

Write about Men being the victims of Domestic violence
Find out Men, who are supposed to be the dominant species, how allow themselves to fall to women
Are there other factors at risk? Child support, illegal activities, etc..
Did these men go through something in their childhood or anything of that nature?

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Domestic Violence is a problem felt in all nations of the world in one way or the other. This problem can affect anyone from anywhere. Though in most patriarchal societies its often met on women. However, there are cases that Men are also found as the victims of such violations.  Domestic violence is emotionally and physically scarring for anyone involved, and as a result could take multiple intervention meetings to begin to understand the issue, alleviate the associated problems, and to assist the victim in getting back on his or her feet. This paper will discuss how men who are viewed as dominant species have succumbed to this kind of human rights violation, the domestic violence.

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