Mentors and mentees

Your school wants to strengthen the community by encouraging experienced students to connect with new students and help them adjust to campus life. Design an experience that allows mentors and mentees to discover each other. Consider the needs of both mentors and mentees, including how someone may become a mentor and how to connect mentors to mentees.

Sample Solution

Characterizing “Nothing”

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Perhaps the trickiest thing to characterize is “nothing.” Why is it hard to characterize? When you attempt to characterize “nothing,” it becomes something. Regardless of whether you consider “nothing” a conceptual idea, it despite everything would not be nothing, as then it would be a unique idea.

At that point how would we don’t characterize anything on the off chance that it is difficult to do as such? We can attempt to characterize it by saying that we can say nothing regarding it. In any event that maintains a strategic distance from it being solidly identified with “unclear,” which is progressively about not having the option as far as possible on something or set an importance to something. On account of “nothing,” we can’t utter a word about it.

Despite the fact that Oxford lexicons characterizes “nothing” as “1. nothing; no single thing” and “2. something that isn’t at immeasurably significant or intriguing” this is as yet saying something regarding it (Oxford Learner’s Dictionaries). In any case, I surmise you should state “nothing” is something that can’t be talked about. Be that as it may, we utilized “something” and now we have arrived at another impasse.

In material science, we comprehend there can’t be really nothing, as even in an absolute vacuum—where there is no gravity, particles, or vitality—quantum changes show up and vanish continually, (Cain, Fraser). Making a space where there are no quantum changes requires a colossal measure of vitality, and there would be a remainder of that vitality in that space after the variances have been flushed out, in addition to an insecure situation (1veritasium). So even on a physical level, “nothing” can’t be available.

In characterizing nothing, it is ideal to keep our mouths shut, as it can’t be characterized using any and all means. “Nothing,” truth be told, doesn’t exist; as though it did, it would not be nothing. Right now, may state the best meaning of “nothing” is that it is something that isn’t something, which is a significant logical inconsistency. We have a word for “nothing,” however that doesn’t mean there is such a mind-bending concept as “nothing.”