Watch this video and follow all the instruction below please.

Our physical bodies can do incredible things, look at any high level gymnast, acrobat, extreme sport athlete, or elite sport athlete. However, in order to acquire and master the skills needed to execute these amazing feats there is an overwhelming psychological component, the mind controls the body. As all of you know, elite athletes aren't born and immediately great, they need to hone their craft and in order to do so they need to be motivated or driven towards an achievement. This extends beyond elite athletes and carries over to general population. Your average person might not be interested (or motivated) to do what it takes to become a high level performer but they may want to stay in shape. In order to do so, they need to be motivated.


Watch the video, do you find it to be motivating? Why? Is this form of motivation sustainable? Why of why not? How can we develop sustained motivation? Is there another method that you have found to be more effective? Why?

Sample Answer

The serious urge and stimulation that drives a person to swing into action in order to achieve a desired goal is what can be described as a perfect definition of motivation. Motivation has everything to do with psychological stimulating factors and requires certain levels of mental strength and perseverance. The course of motivation comprises of three phases: drive or a feeling of need, stimulus and the achievement of goals. Its also noteworthy to mention that sacrifice too plays a major role in the process of motivation. As such, the topical discussion here is going to be restricted to motivation with strict focus on athletes, acrobats and gymnasts.

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