Multinational Company

Select a multinational company that sells products in the international marketplace. What types of cultural challenges does the company face when it attempts to market its products worldwide? Provide an example of how the company has adapted its products in different countries and regions, especially emerging markets.

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In responding to this inquiry of how God and people relate we have to initially take a gander at how God sees people and how he interfaces with them in various pieces of the Old Testament. What we've seen all through the entire Old Testament and in our consistently lives is whether we choose to settle on a decent choice or we choose to settle on a terrible choice. In this specific case, we either adhere to God's Law and do what he requests that we do or we act like weaklings and defy him which prompts wickedness and going down an inappropriate way. At the point when God initially made man each relationship was intended to be without blemish, anyway when sin entered the world the great connection among God and man got ugly.

It is just fitting to begin discussing how the connections among God and human were before the fall in Genesis 3. This originates from the Pentateuch of the Bible. It began in Genesis section 2 which expressed, "At that point the Lord God framed a man from the residue of the ground and inhaled into his noses the breath of life, and the man turned into a living being" (Genesis 2:7). At the point when Adam was made in the picture of God, he had no imperfections and he had an excellent association with God. Presently Eve was made on the grounds that God didn't need Adam alone so he caused Adam to go into a profound rest. At the point when Adam was dozing Eve was made with one of Adam's ribs and all was great when he woke up.

See toward the start of Genesis part 3, Eve is having a discussion with the Serpent, and it expresses, "The lady said to the snake, "We may eat organic product from the trees in the nursery, yet God said, 'You should not eat natural product from the tree that is in the nursery, and you should not contact it, or you will die."You won't surely kick the bucket," the snake said to the lady. "For God realizes that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will resemble God, knowing great and abhorrence" (Genesis 3:2-5). The demonstration of enticement begins to occur and that this implies is to be convinced to settle on a terrible choice. "The snake" or fallen angel is enticing Eve to eat from the prohibited tree in the Garden of Eden and Eve ends up tumbling to enticement and doing it. The once impeccable relationship that God and Adam and Even now had blemishes and starting here on it just deteriorated.

Another incredible association between how God and people identify with one another is in the book of Genesis, yet this time discussing Noah. As per Genesis section 6, "Presently the earth