Network Fundamentals

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of a network.
How is data sent across a network?
List the seven layers of the OSI model in order starting with the physical layer.
A local area network consists of three Windows 7 computers. All office data is stored on one of the computers and is shared with the others. Another computer shares its laser printer. This network would be classified as a _____ network.

A) Peer-to-peer
B) Client/server

Sample Answer

Networking involves the interconnection of two or more computers and other communication devices with the purpose of sharing resources such as information, data, files among others. This sharing of information can be through a system of wired and wireless network system. The advancement in technology and innovation of network system has brought a lot benefits to the human race and liberated man from hectic system of operations that were there in ancient ages. In the same vein and breath, it has brought about challenges here and there and that hampers the operation of organizations and institutions. In this study, a robust discussion will be provided in understanding the merits and demerits that comes with networking and how the process functions among others

You may know him as the 45th President of the United States of America, or an unscripted tv star. Others may allude to him as a bonehead, narcissist, and dreadful individual—these are largely features of his character. In any case, so as to keep away from predisposition and political tirades, we will investigate an incredible realities. In spite of the fact that there might be a secret blurring the exercises at the White House, there are relatively few hallucinations about the sort of life Trump has driven.

His youth was essentially easy. He was conceived on June 14, 1946 into a well off family, as the fourth offspring of conspicuous New York land engineer Fred Trump, and housewife Mary Trump (BBC News). His grandparents on the two sides of his family were foreigners—his dad's side originated from Germany, and his family members from his mom's side originated from Scotland (Kranish, Michael, and Marc Fisher). He was brought up in Queens, New York, and went to the Kew-Forest School from kindergarten until the seventh grade. At 13 years old, he was sent to the New York Military Academy, a private all inclusive school, as his folks needed to clean his character (Kranish, Michael, and Marc Fisher). In the wake of moving on from secondary school, Trump went to Fordham University in 1964, and two years after, he moved to the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania (Blair, Gwenda). During his time at Wharton, he worked at his privately-owned company, and graduated on time in 1968 with a Bachelor's of Science qualification in financial matters (University of Pennsylvania).

Around the same time, Trump began working all day at the family organization, E. Trump and Son. The organization concentrated on owning working class rentals in New York City. Helping his dad for a long time in renewing certain buildings, senior Trump became director, and junior Trump turned into the leader of the organization. At the point when this change occurred, Donald renamed the organization "The Trump Organization" (Blair, Gwenda). The focal point of the organization on external districts of New York City stopped in 1978 when The Trump Organization bought a 50-percent stake in the Commodore Hotel. By 1980, the inn was revived as the Grand Hyatt Hotel (Wooten, Sara McIntosh). Likewise, in 1980, Trump reached skyward again by building a high rise in Midtown Manhattan by the name of "Trump Tower" (The New York Times). From this time, there appeared to be no thinking back for his home vocation: he made or obtained the Wollman Rink in Central Park (1980), the Mar-a-Lago domain (1985), the Plaza Hotel (1988), the Trump International Hotel and Tower (1994), Trump Building (1996), Trump Place (1997), the Trump World Tower (2001), and Trump Park Avenue (2004). Moreover, The Trump association claimed as well as manufactured different fairways, gambling clubs, brands, sports groups, Miss Universe expos, the Trump University, and the Donald J. Trump Foundation (Tigas, Mike, et al). However, with this achievement, Trump declared financial insolvency multiple times (Fiorina, Carly), and got hitched multiple times (Avella, Joe). He presently has five kids, with three children, and two girls.

Regardless of this exciting ride of accomplishment and disappointment, Trump's name got synonymous with "very rich person" and "reckless" through his hit TV program "The Apprentice" that started to air in 2004. Trump was its host and judge for 14 seasons, and during this timeframe, Trump turned into a commonly recognized name (The Washington Post). This developing achievement, by most records, made his run as a Republican presidential up-and-comer in 2016 triumphant. Despite the fact that the truth star and business big shot was an improbable decision for being the 45th leader of the United States, most of political specialists accept he won the political decision because of Hillary Clinton being an ominous restricting up-and-comer, his every minute of every day media consideration, and his character seen as not quite the same as the typical legislative issues (Zurcher, Anthony). In spite of the fact that he ran a wild, outrage ridden, and capricious crusade, he won the discretionary decision in favor of being president, and is now discussing re-appointment.

Donald Trump may be the most discussed individual on the planet right then and there, regardless of his presidential success being very nearly two years back. Naturally introduced to a rich family, he was brought up in a way that would befit him as the following leader of his dad's land organization. Subsequent to acquiring a four year college education, he immediately got immersed in working all day for his dad organization, and moved the focal point of the association to large structures as opposed to white collar class rentals. From this choice, he has manufactured an amazing brand that was just fortified through his long stretch as an unscripted tv star. Through this critical picture, he was slung into the political field, and effectively ran as a presidential competitor, turning into the 45th President of the United States.

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