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Choose a single policy from one of these three policy categories: 1. Access to Health Care 2. Healthcare Workforce 3. Environmental Health The Public Health Action, or PHACT, campaign gives you the tools you need to talk to members of Congress about the importance of health issues. Review this resource before writing your letter. http://www.apha.org/policies-and-advocacy/advocacy-for-public-health/phact- campaign?utm_medium=email&utm_source=phact&utm_campaign=phact2016useyourvoice&utm_conte nt=phactpage

Sample Answer

Access to healthcare services implies the timely use of health services to attend to basic health needs of an individual. There are three separate steps in healthcare access, these are gaining entry into the healthcare system, accessing a location where needed healthcare services are provided. Healthcare has four important components which include universal coverage- giving access to everyone in need to medical attention, people centered, inclusive leadership and health in all policies.

abroad program and again toward the end. What they discovered was upgraded social mindfulness and self-improvement in zones, for example, self-assurance and autonomy.

These discoveries can be clarified by conquering the test of adjustment to another social condition and individuals, just as the capacity to beat strains made by the endeavor to do as such, particularly in the underlying period of the trade (Gu, Schweisfurth and Day, 2009).The investigation of Gu et al. examined the transitional encounters of understudies concentrating abroad with respect to their social adjustment and their development and human improvement in a new social, social and instructive condition. The exploration question was investigated with assistance of surveys and a progression of individual meetings getting some information about the experience of the multi month time of trade. The investigation included understudies from various nations and controls. What was found is that the nature and procedure of individual change and advancement after some time is impacted by the previously mentioned transitional encounters.

As per Ward and Kennedy (1993), this pressure or stress which are a consequence of the endeavor to adjust to an alternate social condition can cause two distinctive mental responses. Right off the bat it can prompt mental modification which is portrayed by a method for dealing with stress, trying to arrive at mental prosperity and furthermore it can prompt sociocultural adaption, which is described by an adjustment in social aptitudes. At the end of the day, the principal change can be portrayed as the understudy's development, while the subsequent progress can be depicted as the understudy's improved intercultural mindfulness. Thusly, look into by Gu et al. (2009) and Ward and Kennedy(1993) demonstrates that in spite of the intercultural challenges which should be handled by global understudies, the vast majority of the understudies figure out how to change and adjust to the new condition on a scholastic and social level. In like manner, this procedure of progress and adaption drives unavoidably to a character change inside the understudy, which thusly is intertwined with development in development and intercultural information.

Considering the previously mentioned writing, joins have been made between examining abroad and personality change. Following, look into indicated that personality change comprises of two significant segments, in particular development in development and intercultural information. In any case, no examination has yet been do