Philosophy of teaching

Discuss why teaching is important to you.
Describe your beliefs as a professional educator about teaching and learning.
Explain how your beliefs about teaching and learning are supported by theory and/or research.
Describe the desired outcomes (e.g., problem solving, determination, standards) you want to foster in your students.
Describe the teaching methods (i.e., instructional strategies) you feel are important to achieve your desired outcomes.
Describe the assessment strategies you feel are important to evaluate your desired outcomes.
Describe characteristics of a positive relationship with students, families, and colleagues.
Discuss how your decisions and actions impact this positive relationship with students, families, and colleagues.

Sample Answer

Teaching philosophy is a self-reflective statement of one`s beliefs about teaching and learning. In most instances should be a one to three-page document highlighting why teaching is important to you. As a matter of priority teaching is important if its one`s passion and not as a means of making ends meet or for financial interest where one only focuses on the salary. Quality teaching and learning should be supported by in-depth research.


1. Presentation

Peru is a creating nation that is wealthy in their physical assets. Because of its geological area and atmosphere conditions, it is reasonable to set up vineyard in the nation. The continuation economy development in Peru, offer outside organization a chance to go into Peru to contribute. This report will show the favorable circumstances and hindrances of the entering the Peru's wine industry.

2. Factor Conditions

2.1 Physical Resources

Peru is an extraordinary nation for wine making and grapes becoming because of its geological area and assorted physical assets. The grape generation is the key factor for Peru wine industry; it is a crude material for winemaking. The creation of grape in Peru is acceptable which is primarily because of its stony soil (Peru Embassy, 2014).

Vineyards are typically situated in warm valleys where there is least water on the fields. The dirt is light and sucks up the water of waterways that descend from the mountains and splashes those sandy spots (De Acosta, J., 2002). Littler berries from less fruitful soils are progressively ideal for winemaking since it gives a more prominent skin to juice proportion (University of California, 2014).

The normal temperature in Peru is around 20?? also, it precipitation is about 130mm every month (The World Bank Group, 2014). Ordinarily, wine grapes are reaped between 19?? to 25??. The water utilized for water system originate from the ice tops of the Andes Mountains is required for the vineyard (Delange, 2011). A decent trellis framework is likewise require for the vineyards, as photosynthesis is significant for wine developing (Grape developing aide, 2014) Hence, Peru has its atmosphere and topographical focal points.

Opportunity: Peru can create great quality wine, as the topographical area and atmosphere condition can deliver great quality grapes for winemaking.

2.2 Infrastructure

The transportation in Peru is lacking and wasteful, and it rank 93rd on the planet (World Economic Forum, 2012). Transportation in Peru is genuinely muddled, due for the most part to the nation's regular outskirts. Peru is likewise a huge nation, and in this way exploring it via land can be a very tedious undertaking (Destination360, 2014). About 60% of inland cargo and 90% of all travelers are conveyed by street (Advameg,Inc, 2014). Numerous zones of Peru are disconnected and the street condition is poor (The World Bank Group, 2014).

Various sorts of Transport

1. Residential Airplane

2. Transport

3. Taxi

4. Common Taxi

5. Minibus

6. Engine Taxi

7. Pickup Truck

8. Vessel

9. Trains

A lot of Peru would be out of reach without air transport. In 2001, there were an expected 239 air terminals, 49 of which had cleared runways. The two head air terminals are Col.Fco.Secada at Iquitos and Jorge Chavez at Lima (Advameg,Inc, 2014). Despite the fact that geological area and atmosphere is a preferred position, these insufficient vehicle offices will be a main consideration to demoralize the financial specialists to come in Peru to contribute.

Peru's media communications advertise was changed in 1999, and the nation appreciates free challenge in fixed and portable, web and worth included administrations. Media transmission administrations are still to a great extent consumed by a solitary organization, Telef??nica del Peru. Despite the continuation of market extension, Peru has a fixed line teledensity pace of 7%, one of the most minimal in South America because of the absence of rivalry inside the zone. Teledensity levels stay beneath contrast with different nations in the area and there are industrious differences between financial status and the areas with less assets have restricted access to these media transmission administrations. Not many administrations are offered that react to the necessities and requests of low-salary customers, and those that do are principally in littler urban communities and the urban outskirts. (Miguel Saravia, 2014). Correspondence framework is a fundamental necessity for outside organizations to put resources into Peru, as they have to screen the day by day exercises of their organizations. High neediness and disparity are as yet striking highlights of Peruvian culture. Year 2000, the greater part the Peruvian populace remained destitution notwithstanding monetary development led to huge ascent in general wellbeing consumptions in 1990s. As indicated by the Peruvian Demographic and Health Survey (DHS), interminable ailing health rates fell, from 33% in 1992 to 29% in 2000. The nourishing hardship during pregnancy will have direct effect on a kid's future execution in school and in the work showcase. Behrman et al. (2004) utilize their very own appraisals on youngster development and comprehension, just as gauge on the impact of tallness, tutoring and cognizance on compensation. All these have indicated that wellbeing, nourishment and training help to decide a person's efficiency. (Valdivia, 2004)

Risk ' Inadequate transportation and media transmission will prompt detachment toward the Peru's Market. Lacking human services will affect the exhibition of the Peruvian's laborers. This will prompt low profitability from the person.

3. Request Conditions

3.1 Home and Export Demand

Throughout the years, Peru's monetary development has created and improved in nourishment retail, gastronomy and the travel industry. The development in these divisions has a positive effect in wine utilization. Family unit salary are likewise rising altogether in that capacity, buyers have better purchasing forces as contrast with last time. Peru's inexorably complex cooking, enabling shoppers to attempt new nourishment and wine pairings. The development of retail nourishment divert in the Peru has been instrumental for wines arriving at new purchasers. The exchange advancement understanding among US and Peru, permit wines started from US to be without obligation when getting to Peru. Local creation of wine became 13.3% in 2007 and is for the most part red wine assortments. Privately created successes speak to 30% of the wine showcase and under 1% of locally delivered wine is traded (Alvaro L, Caroline S, 2009)

(Alvaro L, Caroline S, 2009)

3.2 Buyer Sophistication

Interest for better quality wine in Peru is developing by about 20% every year, on account of an expansion in eatery eating and stable economy which developed by a normal of 6% per year. The fame of Peru's culinary has been driven by number of neighborhood cooks whom have gotten worldwide acknowledgment, which incorporate Gaston Acurio. Acurio and his associates have opened a scope of Peruvian nourishment cafés. In the interim individuals' capacity to feast in eateries is being fuelled somewhat by benefits from the nation's mining area (Wine Business International, 2013). As indicated by an ongoing IPSOS study, Consumers like to shop at markets and gourmet stores once per week, and eat in any event two times every month. Every one of these areas give wines to the shoppers (Exporting Wine to Peru, 2009).

Opportunity – Increase of high purchaser power and the helpful of retail nourishment eateries, Peruvian will in general advance toward more excellent wines to suit their gastronomic taste buds.

4. Related and Supporting Industries

4.1 Small and Medium size Enterprises (SMEs) in Peru

In Peru, SMEs assume a basic job in the economy. Almost all organizations and utilizing over portion of the dynamic working populace. More than 33% of the Peruvian firms refer to a deficiently train workforce as the significant hindrance to development (World Bank, 2010). Complex work guidelines are seen as a negative effect on the firm development, with a bigger impact on independent companies. Despite the fact that Peru's economies has developed and organizations are ready to extend, however the information shows that a deficient prepared workforce is one of the significant obstructions development faced by Peruvian firms. Peru is focusing for a twofold in the quantity of SME firms that fare by 2016. So as to accomplish this objective and its monetary potential, growing high talented human capital is a need. A poor controlled structure was made among firms and qualified specialists. Firms in creating nations, similar to Peru, face a tough test as they fight to climb the worth chain. SMEs add to the generation of merchandise and ventures and furthermore assume a significant job in production of occupation and development. Work guidelines assume a significant job in giving a gifted workforce, and research indicated that a solid negative connection between guideline as assessments and work request (Siobhan Pangerl B.S, 2013).

Decision ' SMEs assume a basic job in the Peru's economy. So as to keep on development, Peruvian SMEs firm need to boost their human capitals in the firm. A poor controlled system will hinder the development.

4.2 Education

The Peruvian Educational System

(Outside Credits, Inc, 2012)

Training in Peru is required for a long time from 6 to 16. The difficulties that looked by Peru are identified with instructors, preparing, approach and motivators. Every one of these difficulties are contributing the ineffectualness of the instruction frameworks in Peru. Issues inside provincial schools, multi-grade study halls, instructor non-attendance and nonattendance of money related or individual impetuses are additionally the components. Instructors can't get ready classes or create proficient abilities before every semester start. The absence of correspondence between Ministry of Education (MOE) and the various establishments balance another issue. There is no managerial help for the instructors to complete their school's authentic exercises. The monetary and individual motivations likewise present a test on the instructor. A drive to enhance pay with a sideline may prompts truancy in the homeroom. Peru's instructive frameworks faces difficulties of destitution, absence of adequate showing materials, topographically scattered schools, and understudies from different language foundations (WordPress, 2013)

Risk ' Lower instructive level for the recently graduates, will confront issue. As lacking of information frustrate them to pick up over the span of work. Therefore, organizations that procured them can't augment the human capital.

5. Firm Strategy, Structure and Rivalry

5.1 Cultural effect on firm methodology and structure ' Motiva