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The presence of women in politics and leadership has been on the rise especially with the global recognition of the rights of women and equal treatment as men. Over the last two decades, the rate of women in representation in national parliaments globally has increased from 11.8% in 1998 to 17.8% in 2008 and latest 23.5% in 2018.The critical question however exist as to whether their presence has made any difference or not. This paper discusses the impact of the place of women in politics and leadership.

Celebrated Haunted Hotels

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There must be something exceptional about lodgings that causes individuals' creative mind to occupy them with phantoms, apparitions, and other extraordinary creatures. We can discover endless stories devoted to this subject in writing and film, yet, in actuality, too—a great deal of lodging guardians everywhere throughout the world use phantom stories as a lure for confiding in vacationers. There is without a doubt something creepy about living in a room in which, as a visitor booklet states, there was a homicide, or it is fought that the inn is as frightful to remain at as the lodging in the book "The Shining."

Talking about Stephen King's writing heritage, there is an inn in Colorado that served the essayist as an immediate model for his account of the Torrance family. It is known as the Stanley Hotel, and was worked by F. O. Stanley, the innovator of Stanley Steamer cars in 1907, and the inn opened in 1909. The apparition issue began just two years after the fact when the inn's maid Elizabeth Wilson experienced electric shock during a solid rainstorm. Shockingly, she didn't kick the bucket from it, yet since that occasion, the inn—specifically, room 217—turned into the focal point of paranormal movement. Guests and staff detailed puzzling figures showing up and vanishing in the lodgings' and halls, bundles and sacks being found unloaded, lights turning on and off without anyone else, etc. Numerous individuals heard youngsters' chuckling on the stairs, including Stephen King himself—in 1973, him and his better half remained in the Stanley Hotel for a night, and it was sufficient for the author to accumulate enough persuasive material to compose a tremendous novel, "The Shining." Apart from silly laughing, King answered to have seen a spooky occasion in the inn's dance hall, and the references to this might be found in both the novel and Stanley Kubrick's adaption. Albeit this may sound somewhat startling, there have never been instances of evil or unfortunate occasions associated with phantoms in the Stanley Hotel, so maybe this is the reason these occasions are treasured (Mapquest Travel).

There are, nonetheless, lodgings with significantly more unfortunate and ghostly stories from quite a while ago. The Bokor Palace lodging and club in Cambodia, for example, saw maybe an excessive amount of disaster and savagery to have stayed a neighborly spot. To stop the long story, during the time of Khmer Rouge's rule, Bokor Palace filled in as a spot where hundreds (or even a large number of) individuals had been executed; before this, it was utilized as a base during the Vietnamese intrusion in Cambodia during the 1940s. The remarkable, substantial environment encompassing the spot propelled a few blood and gore flicks, including Matt Dillon's "City of Ghosts" and a Korean film "R-Point." Local individuals state that Bokor Palace is spooky by an enormous number of spirits, and on the off chance that you stroll past it, you will have the option to hear dead individuals strolling in its dividers (

There are lodgings known for unsolved killings that happened inside their dividers; once in a while, such homicide cases brought about the inn being spooky years after the fact. Nonetheless, there are likewise situations when it is misty whether somebody's demise went before paranormal belonging, or came about because of it. Such is the situation of Claypool Hotel, Indiana; in 1943, Corporal Maoma Ridings looked into the Hotel, aiming to put in a few days at Camp Atterbury. In any case, a few days after the fact, she was found in her room dead, half-stripped, and damaged. One of the staff individuals reviewed that when he once conveyed ice to Corporal Ridings' room, from behind the entryway, he saw an outline of a lady sitting on the bed; the lady was wearing dark from head to toe, and was not seen to have had gone into or left the room. Obviously, this lady was rarely recognized; it is hazy whether it was a phantom or not, and the homicide of Maoma Ridings stays unsolved even today (The Ghost Diaries).

Present day old stories keeps on possessing inns with phantoms, underhanded spirits, and ghosts. Now and again it is accomplished for amusement, frequently to draw in clients longing for exciting encounters, or wishing to by one way or another enhance their rest. Be that as it may, there are lodgings whose phantom stories are not fantastical, and have been roused by abhorrent or unusual occasions. Such is the narrative of Bokor Palace Hotel, whose dividers saw mass killings during the rule of Khmer Rouge; such is the tale of Claypool Hotel, in which there happened one of the most secretive homicides in the United States of the twentieth century, and which could have been submitted by an extraordinary element. Such is, somewhat, the narrative of Stanley Hotel—and despite the fact that no one passed on there, there were sure unsavory occasions going before the flood of paranormal movement in its dividers. There are without a doubt a lot more inns possessed by phantoms; relinquished or still being used, they anticipate new guests to panic them to death.

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