Pretrial Process

Describe the major cases relating to pretrial stages and procedures.
Identify the stages of each pretrial process.
Describe the procedures followed in each stage of the process.
Read the articles: Before the Law by Jennifer Gonnerman of the New Yorker Magazine and A Guide to New York’s 30.30 Speedy Trial Rights
Scenario: A 16-year-old with a spotty juvenile record is accused of strong-armed robbery. It is alleged he pushed down the victim
and stole his backpack. Two weeks after the incident occurred, the victim called the police after recognizing his attacker.
The 16-year-old was arrested and charged with the crime. During his arraignment, the juvenile pleads not guilty and was sent
to jail to await trial. In your essay, describe what should be the pretrial and trial process for this case. Also, describe
and explain the failures in the system as it relates to the case of Kalief Browder.

Note: a documentary of this case can be found on Netflix – Time: The Kalief Browder Story: A Netflix Original

Sample Answer

A pretrial conference is a meeting held before trial to outline the issues of a case and set timeframes for legal and procedural matters. Pretrial conferences are governed by rules of state and local courts, which vary by jurisdiction (Denzel 2018). Any motions that the defendant or

The Brink of Death

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By Nicholas Klacsanzky

At the point when I was 13 years of age, I went on a 735-mile cycling trip with my sibling and father. My dad was an expert cyclist, and needed to show us, his twin melodies, crafted by the exchange and bond with us. My sibling Chris and I were delighted for the experience—my mom not really. Notwithstanding, there is nothing that can stop three brave folks.

The outing was over the San Juan Islands and afterward Vancouver Island. We arranged for the excursion by going on littler rides and working on cycling with panniers. Acclimating to the weight on the bicycle was more earnestly than I suspected. We were all ardent cyclists, despite the fact that my sibling and I were so youthful. I can say I had an inclination that I was conceived on a bicycle, regardless of crushing into a letter box the first occasion when I rode one without preparing wheels.

At the point when we set out for the excursion, I realized that I longed to have an experience and needed to see the lovely sights of mountains, bears, moose, deer, woods, and substantially more. In any case, I what I didn’t understand was that inconvenience was around each corner. There were bears, harsh climate, cougars, and considerably more.

One night, after maybe seven days into the excursion, we were at the end of our usefulness finding a good pace, and going down a huge slope. It was pouring reasonably and we were drifting down the slope in excited joy to take a rest from going up a mountain with the entirety of our apparatus and sore legs.

Unexpectedly, my sibling’s front tire slipped in the downpour, and he slid into the widely appealing. My dad and I quit, inquiring as to whether he was alright. Clearly, he was not harmed excessively, however his leg was up to speed in the bicycle outline. From the highest point of the slope, we saw the light of a vehicle coming. My dad and I glanced on in stun. Chris couldn’t appear to escape the ensnarement of his bicycle, and now the vehicle was impacting his direction. This all occurred inside seconds.

Naturally, I surged out before my sibling in the street, and waved my hands wildly. The vehicle surged forward, yet swerved to one side to circumvent my sibling and I. My sibling was spared from being squashed by the vehicle, and for reasons unknown, I didn’t imagine that I was taking a chance with my life. It appeared the main activity. There was no chance I would watch my sibling kick the bucket under the wheels of a truck.

My sibling says I was inconceivably fearless, however I figure we do what we know is correct. I accept that one ought to hear one out gut in the midst of danger, and not intellectualize situations. In the event that I had contemplated what I was doing on that night, my sibling may have been ransacked from this world. Life and demise regularly swing in a critical position between what appears to be common and discerning.