Problems of Philosophy

Why do people drink and drive, and what products or services might be offered to prevent drinking-driving decisions? Please provide a formal logical analysis of one possible line of reasoning behind a drinking-driving decision, identify at least one flaw in the reasoning, and propose a product or service that might correct the flaw (thus deterring the drinking-driving decision). What are the premises and conclusions? What are its logical strengths and weaknesses? How does your proposal alter the reasoning? Explain yourself thoroughly.

Sample Answer

The effective and efficient operation of courts relies on competent court administration. Since the role of the court administrator was professionalized, there have been tremendous contextual changes that impact the courts and their operation. Such changes include new technologies, increasingly specialized and professional staff,


Opportunity is servitude" suggests that the man who seeks after his will isn't commonly free, since he is unprotected from the mistake, he Freedom is Slavery can get from terrible decisions. Not following the Party is subjugation, yet rather by following the Party people are given the idea that they are getting the rights they require and that their life is better than anything it used to be. For the customary individuals in 1984 it looks good, since they barely fathom what the past and opportunity are. The Party had depicted open door as the savage, what they shouldn't do regardless.

"Obliviousness is quality" implies that the least the overall public know the better, since they won't host the ability to deny the Gathering. The Party calls any accepted that contentions with them "Thought Crime", when in doubt, people may essentially think what is legitimately substantial, not what the Party says is substantial. Besides, it is exceptionally impossible the overall public can disavow the Party with Ignorance is Strength out appearing to not be correct. The nature of the social occasion depends in the neglectfulness of the all inclusive community.

The irregularity in this announcement is that as we see nowadays, the all the more learning you have the more predominant you are. This is in light of the fact that the person who has more information has increasingly favored point of view in managing a condition. It's less requesting for that person to convince others to tail him/her. Without data, people are obligated to devotion. The Party is amazingly savvy in keeping a few information to find a good pace populace, considering the way that surprisingly learning is near and dear quality while neglectfulness is Party quality. So they aren't commonly off-base in saying negligence is quality, they are essentially off-base in impacting people to believe that paralyzed