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Write the protocol of research study for IRB (Institutional Review Board), for the subject:
” The effect of Cord Blood Stem Cells as a Clinical Treatment for Pain management, Regenerative and Chronic Diseases

The Prince, apparently a fantasy about a sovereign discovering genuine romance or doing battle to ensure his friends and family, as a general rule a manual for administering as a ruler, politically, or some may state, a guide on how not to run the show. Niccolo Machiavelli was a man of dubious beliefs, particularly including the job of a ruler. All through The Prince, Machiavelli clarifies his convictions and the thinking behind them. All through the book, clarifications with respect to Machiavelli’s convictions are pointed towards the rule of Lorenzo di Piero de’ Medici and his family. Machiavelli utilizes individual considerations and similitudes, for example, the lion and the fox, to represent qualities that he feels a ruler ought to have. A couple of Machiavelli’s convictions communicated all through The Prince include: to be dreaded is a higher priority than to be adored, how a sovereign is to keep up his state, activities are legitimate dependent on the result, and that a ruler ought to consistently keep up his ethics.

In spite of the fact that grouping of states was predominant, Niccolo Machiavelli’s fundamental contention all through his work was: it is simpler to be dreaded by your kin than to be adored. Brutality isn’t really an awful thing for a sovereign, “… inasmuch as he keeps his subjects joined together and steadfast, should not to mind the rebuke of cruelty”(37). Machiavelli completely communicates his musings with respect to the subject; he accepted that all together for a ruler to keep his kin in line he mustn’t be hesitant to utilize unforgiving methods. Picking up the devotion of one by bolstering their feelings of dread is simple, with the assistance of discipline, yet to pick up their adoration could demonstrate a troublesome undertaking. Love is difficult to acquire using any and all means, just as difficult to keep up. Deceptive nature, cold-bloodedness, and obliviousness are for the most part simple approaches to lose love and trust.

A ruler must have the option to effectively keep up and rule over his state, or realm. Machiavelli clarifies his musings on the best way to lead a realm and how specific kinds of state demonstrate simpler to run the show. Ubiquity can be a factor in a sovereign’s ascent to control, yet he should likewise have the option to utilize the force presented to him to effectively administer his locale. “Hence, it is important to be a fox to find the catches and a lion to unnerve the wolves,” (39) a sovereign must be able to be both the monster and the man to control his kin. He must be equipped for utilizing mercilessness and keeping up confidence in his kin and their confidence in him. Machiavelli clarifies that being lucky and famous are by all account not the only factors that add to a sovereign’s kin’s reaction and activities towards him.

Results give grounds to the way to achieve them. Machiavelli’s works give proof that he accepted occasions prompting an essential result didn’t make a difference inasmuch as something great happened to it. For instance, if cash was taken from the rich, it was satisfactory inasmuch as it gave a superior life to poor people. Regardless of whether an activity is completely vital, that doesn’t mean a ruler ought to have free rule to successfully get him to that point; he ought to at any rate attempt to take the higher street and give his decision in the correct manner. “… sovereign’s either rule by and by or through judges… In the last case their administration is more vulnerable and increasingly uncertain” (23). Machiavelli infers that he accepts a ruler ought to exclusively control, to keep up a more grounded government and faithful network, however on the off chance that he does as such and acts wrongly to get the outcomes he wants, those activities will lie absolutely on him. Closures might be inside reach, yet the impact of the activities paving the way to it could discolor the incredible expectations that may have been behind those activities.