Pros and cons of pacemaker transplants

The conduction system of the heart is extremely critical in maintaining proper rhythm of the heart and therefore ensures proper flow of blood. In cases where

Age or familial conditions warrants replacement of the heart's natural pacemaker (SA node), an artificial device is worn or implanted to assist in maintaining

proper heart rate. Upon further research, state in your own words/understanding the pros and cons of pacemaker transplants. Please Note: If you use any

additional sources to support your work, you must provide proper APA formatted citations and referencing.

Sample Answer

The human heart is an essential organ of the human body. Its sole purpose is to supply the body with oxygen and nutrients by pumping blood through a complex system called cardiac cycle. Despite its crucial role in the life of human beings, the organ is often faced with some challenges such as a heart block, slow heartbeat,

[ announced by prophet (2016)]

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Open and Private Classes:

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Open and Private Methods:

Techniques inside the open class are the open strategies and techniques inside the private class are the private techniques.

Information Structures:

Open and Private occurrence factors:

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