Public Administration

Assess the differences between public administration, business administration, and political science.
Explain the advantages and disadvantages of pursuing a Masters in Public Administration (MPA) for those interested in entering the field of public administration. Is it necessary for all public administrators to pursue an MPA?

Sample Answer

Public administration pertains to the manner upon which organizations in the public sector are arranged and run with close adherence to the public policies in various sectors of the economy. Such policies ensure there is realization of goals of each sector.

abilities, needs and goals. (Bernardin, Russel, 1993, 9.341).Now a days there has been a drastic change in the relationship between companies and staff as both wants to take each other’s benefits. Changes have occurred as a result the employees are not promised for a long run and secured job any more, but they are made responsible for their own career or future. There are various possibilities of defining a term career and many authors define it in broader or narrower way.  Career can explain a person’s job but on the other side it can tell one’s movement and success in the job or else signify progression in job. A career is sum of experience throughout the individual’s life in relation to his work. (Jones, George, Hill, 2000 p.5406).

We can conclude on a note that career is continuous process which is made up of the individual’s experience in work attained on doing various professions and shifting among different levels. Career is crucial link between a person and the company. Now days any person who is well educated, talented and young gives top priority in their life to career development.

It is in recent times that career development is given importance, both as an idea and an issue. The reason behind this was the shortage of involvement in career development since a very long time has been the incautious, unrealistic belief about staff performing properly in terms with correct note and with the opinion the staff themselves marking own career. (Stones and Freeman, 1992).  Since the employees are now educated, training is given for their respective jobs, and evaluate frequently, it can be understood that money is not sufficient. Now a day’s personnel department has become advanced, it views past current objective, since the need of the company is not constant and at the same time the position and abilities of the staff are also not stable. Sometimes it proves very costly to have career left to the time along with casual situations as it is for somebody to carefully manage through guidance and professional approac