Quality and safety

Provide an issue impacting quality and safety with your health care work environment and a concept/resolution to improve the quality and safety of this issue; and
Present and defend your perspective.

Sample Answer

A safe and healthy work environment is one of the most sacred constitutional and labor rights that can never be wished away. This encompasses bestowing upon employers professional and legal responsibility to avail to employees a hazard-free work environment that is devoid of predisposing factors to serious physical injury or even death. A safe work environment entails awareness on environment visibility and safety, acceptable work environment comfort levels and prevention of contamination in the work atmosphere among other factors

As I am working predominantly off of the Rwandan slaughter it seems suitable to give a short layout of the general wellbeing circumstance before the destruction.

"Rwanda had one of the densest wellbeing systems in Africa. There were 34 clinics and 188 wellbeing focuses (focus de sante) presenting to 80% of the populace access to some type of wellbeing office inside 5 km of their homes. [… ] By the time the contention finished scarcely any wellbeing focuses were open, most having been plundered by the Interahamwe or taken over by uprooted individuals. Most clinics were working at pointedly decreased limit and were subject to the administrations of exile restorative staff however the Rwandese populace had been nearly divided with up to one million dead and 2,000,000 living in displaced person camps in neighboring nations." (Hall and Carney 1994: 30)

Besides, to show a short layout of the human rights infringement happening during the destruction which had impacts on the country's general wellbeing.

"[M]assive attacks on non-soldiers; the torment and murder of men, ladies, and kids; the across the board and precise utilization of assault to threaten entire networks; the decimation, by explosives and fire related crime, of homes, ranches, ventures, and fundamental frameworks that gave water, electrical control, nourishment, fuel, sanitation, and different necessities; disavowal of therapeutic care and different infringement of medicinal lack of bias; and attack, barricade, and impedance with philanthropic alleviation. Troopers and non-soldiers the same were famished, tormented, or executed in jail camps, to huge numbers of which the International Committee of the Red Cross was denied get to. Thousands were casualties of self-assertive and extrajudicial execution and were covered in mass graves. Evacuees and inside uprooted people were denied assurance and purposely assaulted; exposed to beatings, assault, and coercion; compelled to stroll through minefields; and butchered in houses of worship, clinics, and different asylums." (Levy , Sidel 2008:5)