Randol Contreras on drug robbery torture

Discuss how Randol Contreras explains drug robbery torture. Organize your paper to address the following two questions: 1) How does Contreras use theory to explain drug robbery torture? What theories does he use?; and 2) What other theories from our course are used and developed by Contreras to explain drug robbery torture? Make sure to describe how Contreras uses these theories.


Madagascar is one of the world’s least fortunate nations; 85% of the nation’s populace have a salary of under $2 per day. Madagascar, viewed as the overlooked nation of Africa, given its history and political emergencies and precariousness, a few advancement business analysts have willingly volunteered to clarify the socio-political and financial circumstance of the nation and to instigate and advance supportable development inside the nation. This area features the examinations, papers and articles embraced beforehand and the discoveries therewith.

Effect of Political Uncertainty on Malagasy Growth

(K.T. Moyo, 2017)

This article follows the political history of Madagascar and examinations the political economy of the nation. It contemplates the effect of political flimsiness on the development pace of the nation. It additionally explains on the strategies set forth in different political systems that have had serious outcomes on the Malagasy economy and development.

2. History of Conflict and its Impact on Madagascan Development

(E.H. Mbeletshie, 2019)

This article expounds on the advancement of Madagascan economy in the wake of contention and its immediate effect on financial development. It additionally gives a definite investigation on the exhibition of the parts that are significant supporters of the GDP of the economy.

3. Republic of Madagascar : Economic Development Document

(IMF, 2017)

This paper portrays the system received by the administration to alter the course of humble financial execution, crumbling social conditions, and industrious destitution saw as of late. The technique embraces a methodology that consolidates macroeconomic, sectoral, and basic components that produce positive, direct effects for neediness decrease.

Aside from the previously mentioned papers, all significant writing has been investigated with the end goal of this examination and structure a piece of information examination.


Through this area, the segment change of Madagascar is recognized and completely broke down.

The tables given beneath feature the financial just as segment pointers of Madagascar.

Monetary Indicators of Madagascar

Source: World Bank

Segment Indicators of Madagascar

Source: World Bank

Segment Transition