Single Case Designs

The steps in applying evaluation to the practice level is very similar to that of program evaluation. Thinking about your current or a former work context, give one specific example of how you could implement a single case design with a current or former client. Describe it in detail using the following steps:

· Briefly describe the client;

· Identify a goal and related objective for that goal that would be appropriate for the client;

· Describe an intervention that could be used to achieve the goal;

· Identify how you would gather data and measure success (e.g., dependent variable);

· Describe any difficulties or barriers you might encounter

Sample Answer

, Also known as single case research, times series, intrasubject -replication design, Single case design refers to an experimental tool used to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the service that is given to consumers. This paper therefore is an attempt to apply the theory of single case design in contemporary work place and such will provide the underlying procedure that can be used to ensure the very needed information is obtained for use by the organization or firm

This investigation gives a theories in ready to decipher the significance of Economic Index Indicatorand the Serious Leisure Qualities, to use it so as to create San Juan, La Union to its pinnacle.

H1:There is a significant level of understanding in surveying a surf goal utilizing the Economic Index Indicator.

H2: There is importance in utilizing Serious Leisure Qualities in choosing a surf goal.

H3:There is a noteworthy connection between Economic Index Indicatorand Serious Leisure Qualities in changing surf the travel industry in the Philippines.

Importance of the Study

The scientists trust that the consequences of this examination will respect the advantage of the individuals of the surf business. This paper spins around the renewal of the surf business in San Juan La Union.

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Surfers. The surfers will concede chances to improve their quality and commonality as far as administrations and it will assist the surfers with flourishing their aptitudes. Changing surf the travel industry will likewise convey better than ever surf preparing and exercises that will go about as catalysis in seeing new information and data.

San Juan Beach, La Union. The spot will profit once the implantation met the inclination, it will lead the Surf Tourism in the Philippines. As far as condition, rules and guidelines will create the attention to voyagers visiting the spot. Through the renewal San Juan Beach, La Union will get a great deal of acknowledgment both local and global.

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Entrepreneurs in San Juan, La Union. The specialists trust that the current organizations will have the option to utilize this paper in potential investigations for further extension and bettering of the nature of administration and experience for those in the surf business.

Inhabitants of San Juan, La Union. Hopeful business visionaries will have the chance to go into business in light of the normal development in travelers visiting the spot. Local people living in San Juan, La Union will never again need to leave the territory to satisfy their fulfillment in recreational exercises.