Social Contract in the United States of America

provide a brief evaluation of government in the United States today in terms of social contract theory.

How far is government today based on the idea of consent of the governed? What institutions and processes do embody the idea of consent, and which processes and institutions diminish the idea of government being based on consent?

Some things you might want to think about in your answer. Do they allow for meaningful change?

- Elections. How far do they embody the will of the people? Is voting equivalent to signing a contract?

- The Media: how well or badly does it act to channel information and viewpoints between rulers and the ruled.

- Is there equal access? What role does money play in political influence? Are women and men equally represented? Do minorities have an equal say?

- Education: Does everybody have the skills to be able to make their voice heard? If not, is this a problem for the social contract view?

Sample Answer



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Separate outside and inner condition.

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Give at any rate 3 factors in the outside and inward condition. Talk about the potential impacts of these factors to the business substance.

Representative Relations

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