The concept of BIG data

Talk about the concept of BIG data and the importance of data science techniques to analyze these mounts of data. Give examples on the benefits of data analytics in different life domains

Sample Answer

The concept of big data is complex and is marked with different meanings depending on the context of its use. Here, the term will refer to the data itself but also the different competencies accustomed with storing, managing and analyzing such huge sets of data. With the high number of internet users, there is equally important need to manage the data and such the concept of big data was birthed to at least help find the solution to the traditional computer infrastructure that’s is crowded and obsolete due to the, massive amount of data. This essay will emphasize on this concept and even elucidate on the importance of data science techniques to analyze the huge amount of data.

Highbrow Bank is a very notable organization with a point of drawing in increasingly youthful clients by offering in a house access to PCs and hardware for their financial exercises.

This report will diagram the client prerequisites expected to plan a proper figuring answer for improve administrations for the clients. With the end goal for us to satisfy the organizations' need we should pose a few inquiries which will assist us with discovering what is the best for The Snobby Bank, this is the thing that the client prerequisites will incorporate. The User prerequisite will incorporate data, for example, the inquiries we posed to them and how they answered back to the inquiries.

In light of data we were given we were additionally ready to discover what their financial limit for the PCs and the gear was. This helped us pick and recognize what PCs were the best, detail insightful and furthermore dependent on cost. This report will likewise incorporate an Infrastructure configuration including defense of why we thought the software's, segments and equipment's was required.

To polish off the report we will incorporate a basic survey of what we have done so as to pick the 8 PCs and the gear we picked close by it. The basic audit will feature the principle things in the report however short and directly to the point. It will likewise cover the cost of the amount we spent and if the spending they provided for us was sensible for what they were requesting.

Client Requirements:

In this area we will give a few inquiries that we posed to Snobby Banks and answers that Snobby bank gave us so as to assist us with finding the best PCs that is appropriate for the organization. This area is separated so you can see each inquiry that was posed by them and the appropriate response that they gave us back.

1) Question 1

Before we can continue further in this we should know the spending limit for the task?


In view of the criticism that we have gotten from our clients we have chosen to go for something that meets the organization's spending limit yet additionally meets the criteria that is normal from the clients. Having conversed with our group we went to an official choice that are spending plan for this undertaking is £15,000, as we accept this is a sensible cost.

2) Question 2

You said in your depiction that you required some kind of hardware nearby the PCs, what sort of gear would you say you were alluding to?


Indeed that is correct, when we said hardware we were discussing the accompanying items. Right now the manner in which the bank is arrangement is that we don't have anyplace right now where we can put the PCs. So some looked for of PC table would be proper for this. With regards to what sort of table we need we were not very sure so ideally that is additionally something different that you can assist us with when buying the PC.