The risk factors for osteoporosis

Explain the risk factors for osteoporosis. What can a nurse do to help manage this health condition to restore the patient to optimal health?

Sample Answer

Bone is living tissue that is continuously being recreated for effective functioning of our body systems. Its functioning can be affected by many diseases among them being Osteoporosis which involves the new bones being unable to tolerate the lose of the old bone as a result of lack of estrogen hormone in women and androgen in men. This causes the born to be brittle and weak. This article therefore provides a comprehensive analysis of this disease in terms of its causes and the challenges it poses to the respective patients and at the same time digging into crucial and clinical mechanism that nursing practice can take into helping the affected patient.

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Overseeing Diversity:

Expanding social decent variety is driving associations to learn and rouse individuals with a more extensive scope of significant worth frameworks. To prevail with regards to overseeing workforce that is progressively assorted and global, directors need information about social contrasts and likenesses among individuals from various foundations (Golembiewski, 2000). They additionally should be touchy to these distinctions that can add to their adequacy in diverse correspondence. In the present worldwide business world, an administrator needs to comprehend social contrasts and their implications in business relations. The supervisor who oversees decent variety ought to comprehend that assorted variety incorporates each worker. It is a test to effectively apply abilities, vitality, and duty of workers to improve an association. It is of essential significance that the director comprehends the social convictions and estimations of the association for successfully overseeing decent variety (Golembiewski, 2000). These convictions and qualities bunch together to make a domain that worker see as steady or not strong of decent variety. Inside all associations there are socially steady and non strong individuals, approaches, and casual structures. Administrators ought to painstakingly plan and actualize hierarchical frameworks and practices to oversee workers with the goal that the potential points of interest of decent variety are expanded and burdens limited (Jackson, 1999). It ought to be the approach of the organization not to take part in oppression or provocation of any individual based on race, shading, national starting point, religion, sex, sex character, pregnancy, physical or mental handicap, family, conjugal status, age, sexual direction or citizenship. This approach ap