Threats and Vulnerabilities

Write a 2 - 3 page paper that addresses the Threats and Vulnerabilities that a health insurance company may encounter. Note that you may have to look at what health insurance companies encounter and apply those to the scenario. Also address any compliance issues that the company may encounter. Keep in mind that they are in the middle of a merge and what unexpected things may appear.

Sample Answer

Health insurance is an insurance that covers the whole or a part of the risk of a person incurring medical expenses, spreading the risk over numerous persons. Health insurance companies face several threats like lack of demand, keeping up with diverse communication and marketing channels and the task of balancing sales.

Media examiners have for some time been concentrating the different presumptions and prime examples individuals make through the utilization of media. In spite of the fact that ladies are frequently discussed as having destructive and unfavorable generalizations, there are likewise noticeable generalizations men depict in the media. Truth be told, there are six primary generalizations that have been distinguished for men: the joker, the muscle head, the solid quiet sort, the big cheese, the activity legend, and the buffon. We will dive into these ideas in the accompanying passages in detail.

Kidding around has consistently been a masculine attribute, it appears. As per Media Smarts, "The Joker is a well known character with young men, maybe in light of the fact that chuckling is their very own piece "cover of manliness." A potential negative outcome of this generalization is the suspicion that young men and men ought not be not kidding or enthusiastic. In any case, analysts have additionally contended that diverting jobs can be utilized to grow meanings of manliness" ("Common Stereotypes of Men in Media"). Luckily, young men and men as a rule accept more than one generalization than simply the joker.

Regularly observed as menaces or not all that clever, the athlete is a character that numerous high schoolers long to depict. As Media Smarts expresses, "The Jock is continually ready to "bargain his own long haul wellbeing; he should battle other men when essential; he should abstain from being delicate; and he should be forceful." By showing his capacity and quality, the athlete wins the endorsement of other men and the reverence of ladies" ("Common Stereotypes of Men in Media"). Frequently, this kind of man is joined by uncertainty because of issues at home or having past terrible encounters in social gatherings.

Like the muscle head, yet not as expressive, is the solid and quiet sort. As Audrey Nelson, Ph.D., says, "Men regularly use quiet to be in control and gather their contemplations. They depend on it as they do the veiled face. Quietness shows control" (Psychology Today). Tragically, this cliché conduct normally exhibits to others that they are independent or non-informative, which can be a non-in addition to in the workplace.

Presumably the most unpalatable generalization that men exemplify is the top dog. "The Big Shot is characterized by his expert status. He is the "exemplification of progress, typifying the attributes and securing the assets that society considers important." This generalization proposes that a genuine man must be monetarily amazing and socially effective" ("Common Stereotypes of Men in Media"). In any case, this kind of man for the most part puts on a show of being materialistic, self-consumed, and merciless.

Epic in his own specific manner, the activity legend generalization is completed by incalculable men. "The Action Hero is "solid, however not really quiet. He is frequently furious. Most importantly, he is forceful in the outrageous and, progressively in the course of recent decades, he takes part in rough conduct" ("Common Stereotypes of Men in Media"). You know this sort: they are continually battling treacheries or attempting to spare individuals from critical circumstances—in any event, when it isn't important.

Like the joker, yet sillier and messier, the buffon is another normal generalization the media shows men as. "The Buffoon ordinarily shows up as a botching father figure in TV promotions and sitcoms. Typically good natured and happy, these characters extend from somewhat bumbling to totally sad with regards to child rearing their kids or managing local (or work environment) issues" ("Common Stereotypes of Men in Media"). Homer Simpson is a prime case of this model.

These six primary generalizations are appeared in films, TV appears, ads, physical promotions, and writing. Regularly, men show a scope of these classes during their day. It is practically inconceivable not to follow what the media has demonstrated you since an early age. By engrossing heaps of data from the media from no doubt our outset, we have made ideas in our psyches about what men should be. In spite of the fact that generalizations are hyperbolic, tragically numerous men trust in the accurate premise of them. That is the reason is critical to know about the generalizations we have confidence in and how we show practices related with these classifications.

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