Transtheoretical model

Identify pros and cons for people who dont exercise regularly. And use the transtheoretical stages to analyze it.

Sample Answer

Exercise is any bodily activity that enhances or maintains physical fitness and overall health and wellness. Regular body exercise has several advantages and disadvantages. Some of the advantages of exercise include making the individual feel happier, helps in achieving weight loss, it`s good for muscle and bones strength, increases energy

Availability implies that individuals with inabilities can utilize the Web. Web availability implies that individuals with handicaps can see, comprehend, explore and collaborate with the Web, and that they can add to the Web. To make an availability structure, each structure control ought to be portrayed by the content marks. Names ought to be put contiguous its separate structure control. <label> component is utilized to interface a book name to a structure control with the goal that client can peruse the related name content for the separate structure control.

Case of utilizing name components:

<label for = "name">Name:</label>

<input id="name" type="text" name="textfield"/>

It is essential to coordinate for esteems with id esteems partner the mark with proper structure control since id must be one of a kind on each page, just one name can be related to every interesting structure component. Other than that, to gather the structure controls, <fieldset> and <legend> component ought to be utilized. <fieldset> recognizes the whole gathering and <legend> distinguishes the gathering's enlightening content. To make an openness table, <caption> component ought to be utilized after the <table> tag to demonstrates the substance of the table. An extension credits is utilized to distinguishes whether a table header is a section header or a column header.


Bootstrap is an open-source front end web structure. It is ordinarily used to make dynamic site and web application. Typography, structures, catches, route and other interface parts are given in Bootstrap. Network framework can structure the substance of the page. Bootstrap bolster responsive portable first liquid framework which scales up to 12 sections. Lines is utilized to make even gatherings of section. The following is the data of matrix framework upheld by Bootstrap three.

"col-md-push-*" will let the left section to be shown on the right. "col-md-pull-*" will let the correct segment to be shown on the left.

In bootstrap, to apply a route style to an unordered rundown, class="nav" is utilized. To include extra route style, class="nav-__" is utilized. To add default determination style to the rundown thing, class = "dynamic" is utilized. To make the thing not interactive, class="disabled" are utilized. The grapple for dropdown menu can be set up by utilizing class="dropdown". Class="dropdown-switch" and information toggle="dropdown" flip the perceivability of the dropdown sub menu. To make a vertical menu list, use class="dropdown-menu". To style the <nav> tag, use class="navbar navbar-default". To help with availability of <nav> tag, use role="navigation". 2 div components can be made in the <nav> tag, which are header and menu. A route bar menu can be responsive by falling into a symbol when seen in a littler gadget by utilizing class="navbar-switch" and information toggle="collapse".