Twenty-first century Walmart.

Brainstorm a brief description of the different departments of a twenty-first century Walmart.
Using a formal outline format like in the example (see link below), develop a formal outline for a “division-classification” essay based on your abbreviated description of the different departments. Outline a minimum of three departments.

Legacy gives the feeling of significant worth and convention to numerous families around the globe, be that as it may, it is likewise not esteem or overlooked in the lives of numerous individuals. In Everyday Use by Alice Walker, the topic isn’t just about the criticalness of legacy in the lives of individuals, yet in addition the manner in which it is esteemed, and comprehended by individuals. From the start the contention is by all accounts pretty much their family fights, be that as it may, as the story advances, the contention turns out to be all the more clear and the principle strife begins to appear. In Alice Walker’s Everyday Use, the fundamental clash between Mama, Maggie, and Dee originates from their own qualities and comprehension of their legacy and culture. Walker utilizes numerous subtleties all through the story to speak to their legacy, how they esteemed it and what it intends to every one of them.

Walker utilizes Maggie, Mama, and Dee to depict the two alternate points of view on legacy and culture. Dee, however she says that she thinks about her legacy, has a totally different view from her mother and her sister. Growing up, Dee “has held life consistently in the palm of one hand, that “no” is a word the world never figured out how to state to her”, additionally Dee had a training, in contrast to her mother and Maggie. Growing up with these things, Dee has consistently had the feeling of opportunity and freedom, however living in a similar house, was unique in relation to Maggies. Maggie, then again, didn’t have a lot of autonomy not at all like her sister and furthermore didn’t get instruction like her. Growing up like that made her modest towards her sister and furthermore living with her mother constantly reinforced her point of view on her legacy.

In spite of the fact that Dee says that she thinks about her family and legacy, she rejects and dismisses her family and her name, which has been passed down from her age. At the point when asked about for what valid reason she changed her name she said that she did it since that was the name given to her by their oppressors, nonetheless, Mama said that it was not and that it was really from her auntie who got it from her grandmother. Walker likewise utilizes the blanket and their home as an item to show the two points of view on legacy. It said in the story that Dee “had detested the house that much” to where she just stood and looked as the house burned to the ground, in any case, Maggie didn’t feel that route for the house. Likewise when they were contending over the blanket, Dee said that Maggie “can’t value these blankets!” And that “She’d most likely be in sufficiently reverse to put them to ordinary use.” This shows Dee looks down on her sister and perspectives that her viewpoint on the estimation of the blanket is better. At the point when she was snapping a photo with her family, she needed the house, despite the fact that she couldn’t have cared less for it, to be in it, and she needed the blankets so she can hang them ups. Maggie, then again, values her family and needs the blanket to recollect her grandmother by. In spite of the fact that the two of them accept and care about their legacy, Maggie’s point of view in additional on the familial, family legacy and the history behind the things what other place Dee’s worth is on the stylish piece of her legacy and not the history and customs that accompanies it.

While tending to the subjects of legacy, we can infer that everybody has their own convictions and qualities on their legacy, some of the time being impacted by the things around them like individuals, and their condition. In Everyday Use, Mama and Maggie have an alternate point of view on legacy than Dee. Notwithstanding, however individuals have distinctive on legacy and different things, interestingly, they at any rate esteem their legacy and that individuals attempt to see from other’s viewpoint and attempt to comprehend why they think that way.