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Compliantpapers.com operates in a highly competitive environment of all manner of essay writers, but has managed to stay ahead of her rivals, by providing compliant papers that satisfy students’ needs, at affordable prices. Since 2005, compliantpapers.com has continued to bring joy in the faces of students who were at the verge of losing hope of ever graduating, due to the extensive and unreasonable demands put on them by lecturers to produce quality written papers, even when that is not entirely their interests, or forte in the academic world. compliantpapers.com understands that each student is endowed differently, and writing may at times be very much derailing. It is this fact that gives us the impetus to continue doing what we do best, and ending up with happy clients.

What’s Unique about us?

Well, apart from offering affordable quality compliant papers, we also make it our primary objective to satisfy clients no matter the cost. To achieve this, we relegate the desire to make profits to a second-degree priority, and ensure we have a happy client first. We have over the years received clients from other websites who are overly disappointed with their services, and bring back their hope of a successful graduation. We literally do not count the money as ours until the client is happy and gives us a nod


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100% plagiarism-free papers
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We have a team of highly experienced writers sourced from all academic fields, through a rigorous process. Most of our writing experts hold masters degrees and PhD, and consist of individuals who are passionate about writing and giving needy students a chance to excel in their studies. The reason why we do not sell pre-written papers is because our writers are strictly prohibited from reselling or reusing past papers as final submissions or new clients; as such, each paper has to be developed from scratch.

Our Customer Support

Our Award-winning customer support are available 24/7 to assist you with any questions you may have, and even place for you an order. We have trained them to be professional and cordial in their interaction with clients, so you can be sure that your experience will be nothing short of excellent. We offer support via various channels such as email, Livechat system, WhatsApp, Skype calls, and Voice calls.

Our Guarantee

Our No. 1 guarantee is that we shall provide a 100% original and unique paper that meets your requirements, in line with our tag name “Compliant Papers”. We also promise to submit your order within the deadline set, unless the order itself has complications that delay its delivery. In case your paper, due to any reason whatsoever, fails to satisfy you, we shall be on standby to revise it countless time, FOR FREE. In case you are totally dissatisfied, which rarely happens, you can opt for a refund, or an activation of credit on the paid amount. Either way, you are sure your money is safe, and ypu shall get value for it.

Our Values

At CompliantPapers.com, we believe in the overarching moral rule of doing good, as we expect others to do to us. We, therefore steer clear from any transactions or dealings that would lead us compromise on this all-important virtue> in effect, this moral compass has yielded remarkable results because we have never been accused of being a scam or fraud. We solve all our disputes swiftly, amicably and justly. At the end of the day, our strongest growth factor is referrals from happy and satisfied customers.

Affiliate Program

As a customer, you can become our quassi partner by promoting us among'st your friends, or classmates, and then get paid for that. For most of the client that have chosen this affiliate program, they have opted to use their proceeds to get their assignments done, without having to pay for them. In a nutshell, all you have to do is become our ambassador, and you will not have to worry about your assignments. For one to qualify, we offer up to 100% on 3 successful referrals. That is, you refer 3 of your classmates/friends to us, and they manage to place orders, we shall get an average of those orders, and give you 100% discount on your next order based on the result of the average.
For Example:
Referral one = 10 page order
Referral two = 8 page order
Referral three = 6 page order
Resulting Discount for the referee = (10+8+6)/3 = 8 pages – ABSOLUTELY FREE.


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