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Online assignments can be frustrating, aside from the fact that they are also terrifyingly difficult at times. Since most are rarely research-oriented, students have a hard time not googling answers. What is more, online assignments usually require students to read enormously on certain pre-assigned documents and readings – which can be hectic. As if that is not enough, most students – who are not well conversant with computers and the dynamics of online assignments – usually take a lot of time navigating through websites and end up losing valuable time. Lucky enough, Compliant Papers are inexplicably well-ordained with such skills. Having have spent most of our time online, we are the best way forward when it comes to helping with online assignments. Whether it an online course or quiz, we are here and ready to help at the client’s convenience.

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Difference between Online and Offline Assignments

Though there is an obvious difference within the names, people still tend to confuse between the two. Any writing assignment that is received, researched, answered and submitted over the internet is considered to be an online assignment. These may come in form of online courses or any other type of non-face-to-face assignments. On the other hand, offline assignments entail physically attending classes on campuses and doing assignments that will be submitted to your instructor physically. It should be noted that an assignment whose research requires a deep online enquiry is not necessarily an online assignment.

Benefits of Online Classes

Online classes usually have a series of benefits to the students. First, online lessons work at the convenience of the student, giving you the choice of time and place to do your coursework. What is more, you do not have to travel to campus every single day to attend a class – hence removing the problem of having to miss classes because of distance and other reasons. Online classes also gives one the opportunity to study in universities and colleges that are not within one’s locality.

Types of Online Assignments

Most people actually fear signing up for online courses simply because they lack the knowledge on what to expect when enrolled. For those who are enrolled but have not yet taken their first assignment, the anxiety is almost inevitable. However, never worry much – especially with the kind of help that we offer being just a click away from you. Here are the types of assignments you would expect in an online course.

  1. Reading required texts and responding

One of the common assignments in online courses involves reading required texts and responding as per instructions or according to your previous lessons. This requires extensive analysis skills that will aid in acquiring information from the reading and comparing with your knowledge from the course in order to answer certain questions. You can also be assigned with videos to watch and analyze, much in the same manner.

  1. Posting discussions

Another common assignment in online courses involves posting of answers and discussions on the class portal. Since this is not a face-to-face class, instructors often asks students to put responses in their own words so that they can know whether you can apply the knowledge you are taught. What is more, instructors often ask students to respond to the posts of fellow students and argue to either support or criticize their answers according to their thoughts and knowledge.

  1. Writing research papers

Like a face-to-face course, online courses also requires the student to write a research paper. This is majorly since conducting and writing the results of a research is often a required skill for graduate students. If you have any sort of trouble conducting or writing a research paper, be sure to contact us.

  1. Taking online quizzes and tests

There is nothing more common in an online course than taking quizzes and tests – much like the traditional on-ground course. Occasionally, some of the questions can be multiple choice and sometimes they can require an answer in prose form – it all depends on the discipline. Quizzes and tests often give students pressure and scare them, making them to underperform. Nonetheless, this is often the reason we help with such assignments. Order such papers with us and be one amongst 97+ clients a day that get satisfied with our work.

Online assignments have strict deadlines and can sometimes deduct marks whenever assignments are submitted late. At Compliant Papers, utmost diligence is key! We respect deadlines and ensure each paper is well-written within the allocated time. Order any sort of online assignment with us and wait for the expert advice. Remember, our writers are just a click away.

1. Place your order

We have a fully customized and interactive order form that lets you fill in your order’s specifications, and most of the fields have drop-down lists to choose from. In the form, some of the most important details that must be filled include:

  • Topic of paper
  • The type of document, e.g essay, research paper, dissertation etc
  • Subject area, e.g. English, philosophy, nursing etc.
  • Number of pages
  • Deadline
  • Paper instructions, such as assignment brief, referencing style, etc.
  • Personal details (If you are a new client), which include name, phone number, email, and password.

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2. Make payment

After you have successfully filled the order form, you shall be required to “checkout” or pay for it. Click on the checkout button after you have confirmed that every detail is entered correctly. You will then be directed to the payment page. We accept various forms of payment, such as:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover

All our payments are securely processed via PayPal, which is the world’s leading online payment platform that offers complete buyer and seller protection, and money-back guarantee. If you realize that the total price of your order is more than your budget, do not lose hope and leave, but feel free to request a livechat with our support, who shall listen to your case and consider the best way to help you make your order. We also have a series of discount systems that you can take advantage of, so don’t miss out!

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3.Order assigned to Experienced Writer

Once your order is placed and paid for, it becomes available for bidding by experts. Our writers’ department considers the bid of each writer, based on their abilities, expertise, and quality record. Only the best is awarded your order. You can then communicate directly to your writer in case you need to clarify something, or make an inquiry on the order status.

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4.Rigorous Quality Check

Our Quality Assurance department checks your paper after being submitted by the writer, and particular interest is paid on these areas:

  • Originality – plagiarism check
  • Compliance to instructions
  • Grammar errors
  • Word count/Citations/referencing

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