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We understand the traits of our clientele, and we try our best to keep our prices within affordable range. Most students are not working, some are sponsored, while the few that work do not earn enough to support the exorbitant rates charged by most writing websites. For us, we offer both quality and affordability, for a satisfying experience of our customers. In addition, we pride ourselves in:

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100% plagiarism-free papers
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1. Offering 100% original content

Plagiarism is one of the worst nightmares of a student who seeks an essay writing assistance. Most plagiarism cases have seen students either being discontinued, or being forced to drop their courses. This is a horrifying experience that we would NEVER wish that any of our clients goes through. Therefore, we ensure that each paper is original and thoroughly checked before submission. We do not sell pre-written essays, as many other websites do.


2. 24/7 Customer support

We have a round-the-clock support staff that are ready and willing to help you with your ordering process, queries, and any other concerns. We also have WhatsApp numbers, accept calls, and livechat; which are all geared towards ensuring that you have a fabulous and enriching experience.


3. Timely Deliver

We appreciate the stress and pressure that comes with this job, and for us, it keeps our adrenaline pump active. Keeping deadlines is what we do; it’s what guides and motivates us. So, you can be sure that whatever deadline you set for your paper, starting from 6 hrs to 3 months, we shall meet it. In case of any eventuality, we shall duly contact you before violating our deadline agreement.

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