Research Proposal

Writing a Research Proposal

A research proposal is probably one of the most intimidating type of proposal, mostly due to the implications that follow it. Nonetheless, it remains one of the easiest form of writing, of course with the help of experts like us. A research proposal, simply put, is a type of writing – much like thesis/dissertation proposal – that is used to determine whether there is a credible reason and expertise to follow through with a proposed area of research. Therefore, a good research proposal should indicate exactly what the proposed research will cover, the rationale for the same, and the benefits it might bring to the discipline of study. At Compliant Papers, we dedicate our expertise towards providing inexplicably flawless services in research proposals as well as in research papers. Apart from providing direct homework help, our experts will help you come up with your own impeccable research proposal, read on!

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Reasons for Writing a Research Proposal

  • To develop skills in planning for a comprehensive research

  • To improve the student’s general skills in research and writing

  • To identify steps used to accomplish a complete research goal

  • To critically examine and evaluate different methods of data collection and settling on the best depending on your research

Guidelines to Writing a Research Proposal

The proposal’s main aim is to describe what you’ll investigate, how you’ll investigate it, and the importance for carrying on with the same. Therefore, the whole paper should be structured towards convincing an approval board that your work is eminent in the world of academia. Here is a detailed guideline of how you should write a research proposal that will not only get your work approved, but will also guide your research work.

  • Choose a topic

  • Prepare adequately

  • Formulate Research Questions

  • Research thoroughly

  • Create an outline

  • Write the proposal

  • Edit and finalize

  1. Choose a Topic

Choosing a topic may seem to be the easiest part, but believe us, it is not. It requires elaborate balance between your passion and whatever is relevant and required for your discipline of study and the community at large. We advise you to brainstorm several topics that you are passionate about, and those which you can research with ease and enthusiasm. Afterwards, narrow down to the topic is beneficial to both the community and your field of study through the process of elimination. Lastly, ensure that the topic you choose has enough resources from which you can conduct your research, with credible and trusted information.

  1. Prepare Adequately

As a virtue that we hold in Compliant Papers, failing to plan is planning to fail! Preparing adequately is an imperative and the most important part of any research proposal, let alone the research itself. A well-written research proposal may take up to six months for it to be ready for submission, a time during which students fail to utilize adequately. Ensure that you go through this guideline and understand what is required of you throughout the whole period of writing your research proposal, determine how much time is required in each area, and allocate adequate time for each section.

  1. Formulate Research Questions

Before you begin formulating any sort of question, ensure that you read and understand the assignment instructions and note down any specific any specific requirements for writing the assignment. Afterwards, formulate research questions clearly as you explicate the problem to be explored and a rationale for the same. Finally, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What am I studying?

  • Why is it important?

  • How is it significant in my discipline?

  • What are the current problems that it will solve?

  • How does it supplement current knowledge?

  • Is the research possible within the time limit?

  1. Research thoroughly

A research proposal is supposed to be a pathway for a more thorough and concrete research in your actual project. The more concise and exhaustive the research in your proposal is, the more comprehensive the one in your actual research will be. An effective research thoroughly examines every knowledge and publications relevant to your topic as it eliminates whatever is unnecessary. Examine peer-reviewed literature through trusted sources such as Google Scholar and EBSCOhost and analyze them for the purpose of your research. Do both a background research and a literature review through developing research questions and looking for answers. Thereafter, organize the ideas collected while comparing them to your thoughts on the same topic.

  1. Create an Outline

Creating an outline is essentially the first and the most important step in the actual writing of the proposal. For each section of the proposal, note down what you will write that will help you drive your point in an effective manner. Since structures of proposals differ with institutions and sometimes with instructors, it is prudent to confirm with your institution or department concerning the allowed research proposal format. Nevertheless, most proposal take the following format:

  • Title page

  • Title of your proposed research

  • Your name

  • Name of your institution

  • Course name and number

  • Supervisor’s name

  • Introduction

  • Introduce your topic interestingly

  • Illustrate context and give a clear background

  • Outline the problem statement and research questions

  • Indicate the objectives of the research

  • Literature review

  • Review literature on the same topic

  • Compare and contrast available literature

  • Critique the ideas from the literature

  • Connect different ideas in the texts

  • Indicate a niche in literature which you intend to solve

  • Research methods

  • Indicate research type i.e qualitative or quantitative

  • Highlight sources you will use

  • Indicate methods you will use to collect data i.e surveys, interviews, experiments

  • Indicate practicalities i.e amount needed to conduct the research and how you will access participants

  • Conclusion and Contribution to knowledge

  • Indicate how it will solve a problem

  • Highlight how it creates a basis for further research

  • Indicate how it will improve on current knowledge

  • Research timeline

  • Write a schedule for the whole research

  • Budget

  • Indicate the amount of money needed

  • Show reasons for the money needed

  • Indicate how you arrived to the sum of money

  • References

  • List the literature that you used in the assignment

  1. Write the proposal

With the outline ready and your thoughts and contents organized, you can begin the writing process, which is now easy. Use a formal but interesting tone that will appease to your audience. Take time writing each section of your paper as you answer, appropriately, the research questions.

  1. Edit and Finalize

Lastly, proofread your work and remove errors in grammar and in sentence structure. Ask your friend to read it for you or read it aloud to ensure it makes sense to you. You can also use editing soft wares and grammar checkers to ensure impeccability in your work. If you get stuck at this or any other section of your research proposal, do not worry for we got you. We have experts who specialize in writing research proposals, and whose work do get recognition and sometimes even published. Order a paper with us and live to testify!

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  • Deadline
  • Paper instructions, such as assignment brief, referencing style, etc.
  • Personal details (If you are a new client), which include name, phone number, email, and password.

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