Adolescence and Emerging Adulthood

Even if violent television does not have clear effects on adolescents’ aggressive behavior, is it possible that it has other effects, such as on their moral development? What other effects should be considered, and how would you design a study to test your hypotheses?

Sample Answer

Emergence of technology has resulted into new recreational activities among them video game especially among children and adolescents. A cadre of researchers have argued that apart from its degeneration, it creates anti-social behavior though isolation and this impacts on poor social skills like relation to people in various environment as one always feel to be alone Kuhn, S., Kugler, D. T., Schmalen, K., Weichenberger, M., Witt, C., & Gallinat, J. (2019).
To test design a study to explain this, one would hypothesize an interaction between the children using video games and their parents while on the other hand engage non-users with their parents and notice the difference in behavior.

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