Anxiety Disorder


Jake has become very anxious ever since he started taking harder classes in his major. The university’s counselor diagnosed him with an anxiety disorder. Compare and contrast how the behavioral, humanistic, and cognitive approaches would view the origins and treatment of Jake’s anxiety. (Review the supplemental resource “How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay). .75 Describe how psychologists view each of the three approaches today. 5 Used the textbook and 2 additional scholarly. peer reviewed sources to substantiate the response. .25 Readability, Style 6 Mechanics Points Possible Points Eomed Comments Spelling is correct. Sentences are complete & clear and follow the rules of grammar, usage. and punctuation. APA format was used for citations, title page. headings (if applicable) and reference section. Assignment length of no less than 400 words in length was met. (Assignment length does not include the title page and reference section). 5


Sample Solution

f the case study, go to the library or search for relevant information on the Internet, or go to the location of the company to conduct on-the-spot exploration and in-depth study of specific issues. Advantages: Specific cases can make the understanding of the theory become sensible and specific, and enable the researchers to fully understand the theoretical understanding. (Byrne& Humble,2007) Disadvantages: the cases themselves are individual cases, and each case has its own characteristics that cannot be duplicated, such as specific time, space environment and so on. The results of case studies are not easy to be generalized and lack of objectivity. 3.4.2 Questionnaire The questionnaire survey method is a method for researchers to collect data, solicit opinions or understand the situation from the target group through questionnaires(Mathirajan,2006). The self-administered questionnaire has the characteristics of standardized access. In this study, the questionnaire will be sent to the trainees. The question revolves around whether they feel that their abilities have improved after being trained. In what ways has it been improved and what has remained unchanged. In this study, questionnaires will be sent to trainees. The questionnaire questions will revolve around whether they feel their abilities have improved after training. Where it has improved and where it has not changed. When designing the questionnaire, take into account the time spent by the interviewees, and the questions should not be too many. During the questionnaire survey, try to increase the number of participants to avoid bias in their opinions. Don’t deal with too sensitive issues so as not to harm the participants’ self-esteem (Menezes, 2012). Why to choose Questionnaire is a survey suitable for this study. First of all, as the time for investigation and analysis is very limited, for trainees, more accurate ideas of trainees is required, so the number of