Case Manager role

In managed behavioral healthcare, the Case Manager role is absolutely crucial. How would you describe this Case Manager role for behavioral health clients?

Sample Answer

The concept and practice of case management has evolved in practice and experience and is exercised in many disciplines. Case management involves the process of coordinating multiple services on behalf of clients and has been practiced now for decades. In these disciplines, where medicine is not an exception, there is engagement and identification of case managers. This group of people play a crucial role in the healthcare field that can not go unrecognized. The following analysis is an explanation of their critical role to behavioral health clients.

Individuals are persuaded to do exercises by a wide range of variables. Every individual is provoked by different impacts to finish what they fantasy about satisfying. For this paper, I will examine what propels me to complete what I set out to do. The primary factors that are included are rivalry, the longing for accomplishing significance, the fulfillment of finishing tasks, and satisfaction.

Since I am a twin, a feeling of rivalry is designed into my mind. Solid challenge can push us to do phenomenal things. It causes us to take a stab at a specific objective and gets us to do things quicker. Be that as it may, I don't figure rivalry ought to get poisonous. At the point when outrage, dissatisfaction, and gloom is an aftereffect of rivalry, it isn't solid. However, rivalry can realize regard, brotherhood, and shared addition. For the situation with my twin sibling, we have driven ourselves to be acceptable at sports, music, school, and even at work. This serious soul has spilled into my existence without my twin around. It might be said, I reproduce my twin sibling in others. I generally attempt to be number one at whatever I do—or if nothing else in the best three. There are times this frame of mind gets unfortunate, as I get baffled on the off chance that I offer everything to a challenge or movement and yield average outcomes. In any case, as the years passed, I have shown signs of improvement at dealing with disappointment and destruction. With everything taken into account, I think I complete and do well in numerous aspects of my life for the straightforward truth that I need to do well in them. Flourishing in rivalry based situations has caused me to do well in numerous competitions and different occasions that take part in accomplishing top spots. Be that as it may, only the sentiment of doing admirably against capable rivals is satisfying.

As I originated from a youth of low confidence because of harassing, therapeutic issues, and belittling, accomplishing enormity has consistently been one of my objectives. Like my objective of being in the top spots of rivalries, the longing to accomplish the statures of an order is a route for my confidence to get a lift. From a young age, I needed to be one of the greats in something: composing, music, sports. I simply happen to be an essayist now—along these lines, I put forth a valiant effort to accomplish a high spot among individuals of the composed word. It is hard to state, however, who will be named as "extraordinary" or "major" in the archives of history. Most acclaimed journalists kick the bucket and afterward they got eminent around the world. There are uncommon events when scholars are well known in their lifetimes and a lot after. In any case, by the work I do, I trust that one day, my sonnets, papers, and stories will be in reading material for school and I will be named as a "significant writer" and such. In spite of the fact that I for the most part compose for the happiness regarding it, this idea of being recollected long after I have passed has an intense propelling variable.

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The last, and generally basic, factor that persuades me to accomplish something is pleasure. There are individuals who do exercises they abhor for a considerable length of time. I am not one of those individuals. I can take a shot at assignments I don't care for some time, yet at last, my primary spotlight ought to be on something that I appreciate. On the off chance that I discover bliss in doing a specific work, I participate in it for an enormous piece of the day, or even throughout the day without tiring. Tiredness much of the time, in my life, is because of an absence of happiness in the work being finished.

Every individual has their own rousing elements. For me, it happens to be rivalry, a longing for significance, a need to finish activities, and happiness. I trust this reflection has permitted you to dive further into your actual nature.