Corporate Compliance Plan

A Corporate Compliance plan is necessary for any organization that uses organizational and strategic management practices. The Compliance plan is the guide that the organization will use to ensure they are meeting the mission, vision, and values statements established by the organization.

Create a mock corporate compliance and risk management plan: You have been tasked with creating a corporate compliance and risk management plan for a small, rural public community hospital. Discuss the steps you would take to create the plan, what specific areas you feel should be covered based upon the demographics of patients being served and how your plan will ensure patients are receiving quality care.

Sample Answer

A corporate compliance program is a set of arrangements and policy frameworks that specify an organization`s procedures, actions and policies that help in detecting and consequently preventing violations of applicable regulations and laws. The compliance program has various components within it with a code of ethical behavior being one of the most sacrosanct. Some companies however view compliance programs as stringently addressing external supervisory considerations while also focusing on integrated approach

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"a demonstration by which serious torment or enduring (physical or mental) is purposefully exacted on an individual for such purposes as (a) getting data; (b) acquiring an admission; (c) discipline; (d) terrorizing or intimidation; (e) any explanation dependent on separation." (United Nations 1984).

Of significance while relating this definition to the one of decimation is that the torturer accomplishes these things against the desire of the person in question. Also, the Convention expresses that torment is done by or in concurrence with open authorities. As per Turner and Gorst-Unwor