Developing a Change Plan

Identify a positive change that would improve an organization or community with which you are familiar.
Briefly describe the organization.
Discuss why you feel this change is necessary and how the organization would benefit from this change.

Sample Answer


In the video Tiny Motors Can Clean Pollution – Headline Science, it is examined that researchers are right now growing new minor, delicate engines that are run on things, for example, light magnets and concoction arrangements. These new engines should serve explicit capacities, such as tidying up contamination. One explicit engine, made by a group of researchers in China, expels natural contaminants, for example, pesticides and plastisizers, from water. It was produced using reasonable polyacrylamide hydrogel and afterward infused with potassium permanganate arrangement. At the point when the permanganate responds with weaken hydrogen peroxide in water, hydroxyl radicals are made. These hydroxyl radicals would then be able to separate the natural contaminants. Likewise this equivalent response makes oxygen gas that powers the engine. In a preliminary test, the engines had the option to dispose of methyl blue, a model poison, following 75 minutes and leave the blue water dismal. Subsequently it is demonstrated that these new engines are a promising headway in decreasing contamination.

In further research, as per Chemistry World, natural toxins can be found in modern wastewater, for example, material companies,pharmaceutical organizations and horticulture. These natural contaminations are generally impervious to ecological corruption and can't be prepared with ordinary organic or compound water medications, accordingly turning into an expanding issue. In 2012 a progression was made by Joseph Wang, an american researcher, who, with his group, made micromotors that can push themselves and catch oil beads, "accordingly offering a way to tidy up little oil slicks" (Cartwright). Another gathering of researcher, Samuel Sanchez and his partners, built up a micromotor made of a platinum center encompassed by iron. When discharged into dirtied water containing weaken hydrogen peroxide, "the engines' platinum centers convert the peroxide into oxygen bubbles and the encompassing iron produces hydroxyl ra