Distance vs traditional college programs

Using compare/contrast strategies, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of distance education programs compared to traditional classroom education.

Sample Solution

The unending dispute among educational experts continues to exist among the traditional classroom system of education and the distance education programs which is mainly conducted courtesy if internet and technology. Each camp professes their admiration for their respective stand on the matter strongly with logical facts and evidence. Among majority of learners, they prefer and express higher satisfaction

Following this, both HDF (human dermal fibroblast) and HepG2 (human liver malignant growth) cells were treated with laser light of 817nm and one of the three gold-chitosan nanocomposites, appeared in the pictures underneath.

From the pictures above, it very well may be seen unmistakably that laser light and gold-chitosan nanocomposites (d) were best at causing cell demise in the two cases, anyway it is the gold-chitosan-carboxymethylated chitosan nanocomposites (f) that give the most attractive impact, as they decimated practically the entirety of the liver disease cells yet short of what 33% of the sound HDF cells. Laser light alone (b) and “uncovered” gold nanoparticles (c) had next to zero impact on either cell. Be that as it may, albeit promising outcomes, the whole of this examination was directed in vitro, thus further testing in vitro would be attractive so as to completely foresee how these nanocomposites will respond in photothermal treatment when inside the body – for instance, in the treatment of mice infused with tumours.9

So far, a large portion of the recommended gold nanostructures have been applied in the treatment of tumors by means of photothermal treatment. The gold/gold sulfide nanoparticles arranged in the strategy depicted by Ren and Chow were examined as a technique for medicate conveyance, for the counter malignant growth tranquilize cisplatin

Customarily, medications would be conveyed by means of chemotherapy, anyway this strategy is least helpful to the patient. There is no selectivity as with photothermal treatment, thus sound cells can likewise be harmed, in spite of the fact that in light of the fact that threatening cells have “irregular” properties, they are bound to be influenced by the drug.2 Loading the medication onto a bearer displays a degree of selectivity, so the medication may be discharged once in the district of the objective cells, and in this manner just the dangerous cells are demolished.

The arrival of a medication after warming can be characterized as “photodynamic treatment”. So as to decide how successful the gold/gold-sulfide nanoparticles were at discharging cisplatin, the nanoparticles were suspended in 2mL of water and illuminated with light from a 1064nm Nd:YAG laser for 60 minutes. Consistently, tests of the gold/gold-sulfide nanoparticle arrangement were taken and examined by HPLC so as to investigate how much cisplatin had been discharged, notwithstanding tests which had not been lighted with the laser.

It tends to be seen from the figure over that the nanoparticles treated with laser radiation were the best at discharging cis-platin, with around 90% of cisplatin discharged inside the initial 10 minutes. The nanoparticles which had been warmed to 40C exhibited some photodynamic impact, with around 40% of cisplatin discharged throughout 60 minutes. Those which had not been treated with laser light or warmth (control) demonstrated for all intents and purposes no arrival of cis-platin.