Emerging Market creating a business environment

What must an Emerging Market country do to create a business environment comparable to that of a developed country?

Sample Solution

It could be argued Marx’s fixation upon economic and class related factors renders his theory as economically deterministic. Jessops argues there are a variety of contexts to be explored in relation to class and equality such as those of ‘gender’ and ‘ethnic’. This arguably leaves a “rich research agenda to be explored” (Halewood, 2014, p.62). This popular argument against Marxism; is rejected by Edgley, arguing Marx’s use of materialism does encompass the “practical, social and historical reality of thought and theory” (Mepham, J. and Ruben, D-H., 1979, p.23).

Furthermore, within Marx’s attempts to reinvigorate the working class; there remains issues of a disconnect, as its arguable this “science cannot be recognised except from a working class political position” (Mepham, J. and Ruben, D-H., 1979, p.15). Essentially meaning, revealing class exploitation is mainly relevant to those of whom belong to the non-ruling class. Arguably lacking accessibility, Marxism will not grasp some as it will grasp others. Because Marxist science cannot be seen from any view apart from the proletariat, its attempts to “produce theoretical knowledge of history will inevitably prove barren” (Mepham, J. and Ruben, D-H., 1979, p.5).

Marxism’s value as a science evokes many different opinions, as it may be viewed only as a “theoretical practice (that) produces knowledge which can then figure as means that will serve the ends of a technical practice” (Mepham, J. and Ruben, D-H, 1979., p.17) Edgley describes Marxism as holding a valuable place in the formulation of a theory, however he argues as it is only ‘theoretical practice’ it is not a viable stand-alone theory in itself. Lenin also holds this view, advocating the “importation” of Marxism into politics of the working class; to be used in conjunction with other theory. This coincides with Haldine’s view that Marxism is simply insufficient, as he proposes that given the circumstances Marxism is an excellent