Environmental Health Concerns

Environmental health concerns have become one of the topics that has attracts global attention. Today, environment has been degraded as a result of population pressure, industrialization and a host of other numerous enabling factors. Disregarding the fact that the right to clean and healthy environment is one of the human rights acknowledged in the universal declaration of human rights, most state and non-state actors have exploited the environment so adversely that it leaves humanity grappling with the accruing consequences especially in the area of health. This paper highlights threats to the environment and provides a litany of solutions and ways in which the environment can be preserved

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Destruction is a worldwide wonder and has been available in each verifiable period. (Krain 2005: 363f) It influences all divisions of society: this incorporates agribusiness, instruction, government just as common society. This makes a significant harm social establishments that have long haul impacts on the wellbeing and personal satisfaction.

In the light of this, the field of Public wellbeing has as of late been extending its extension to begin exploring issues, for example, war, philanthropic emergency, viciousness, and annihilation. This is of significance as general wellbeing strategies and mediations can possibly be utilized to avoid massacre. (Duty and Willis 2000: 612; Krain 2005: 364)

While slaughter may regularly be viewed as a human rights issue only and not a general medical problem, in perceiving the connection between the two: the job of doctors and other social insurance experts in destruction, yet in addition in anticipating and relieving decimation turns out to be clear. Doctors and other human services experts have a long history of ensuring those influenced by war and struggle. This becomes obvious in their commitment in war times while proceeding with their obligations and treating non-war just as war-related wounds, just as researching and recording human rights infringement. There are a few reports expressing that prior military intercession could have altogether adjusted the results of the contention, underlining the significance a social insurance expert can play.

Also, we should consider the Public wellbeing sway an annihilation has on the influenced populaces: the effect goes route more remote than simply the quantity of individuals executed. The long haul impacts are colossal as in the annihilation of restorative offices just as the flight and murdering of influenced human services work force leaves a profound imprint in the mind of the survivors and culprits and long haul general wellbeing activities, for example, vaccination programs and pre-birth care are intruded. Leaving the wellbeing sequelae of annihilation to regularly be interminable, deep rooted, and hard to treat, expanding the weight of ailment in influenced networks for a considerable length of time after the killing has finished. Henceforth the resultant effect of massacre on the worldwide wellbeing economy has been and keeps on being, generous. (Reva et al. 2004: 2028f)

Medicinal experts however don't just assume a job in destruction counteractive action yet can likewise add to massacres by assisting them for example by doing trial testing on the unfortunate casualty gathering or adding to the spread of negative meaning towards the injured individual populace. (Bloche 2001: 275)


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