Euro Disneyland

In the Euro Disneyland case study, many of the issues Disney had from the start related to cultural differences between the United States and France. Using the Business Problem Solving Model outlined this week in the course content and video, how would you make the following decisions?

Discover-Identify the problem: What were the main issues described in the case that were problematic?
Investigate-Gather information to define the problem: In managing Euro Disney operations, what were some of the mistakes Disney made?
Brainstorm-Produce Alternatives: How could Disney have resolved these mistakes?
Implement-Put the best solution into effect: Of your alternatives, which one do you think would work out best? Why?
Review-Assess the effects of the solution: Based on Disney’s experience, what are the lessons the company should have learned about how to deal with diversity? Describe each.


Madagascar is in the third phase of the segment progress model and is confronting a few impediments in changing to the following stage. The greatest test looked by Madagascar, as underlined in the past segments, is political solidness. Madagascar needs to rebuild its economy and so as to do this it needs a solid and stable government set up. Business creation is another achievement that requirements critical consideration in Madagascar. The degree of training and female work power support are significant determinants of ripeness conduct. Also, consequently, these require colossal consideration. In any case, training should be a need for the development and improvement of any nation. In this way, a critical need is felt for the administration to put intensely in every aspect of populace and financial improvement.


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