Evidence-based practice project


In order to evaluate an evidence-based practice project, it is important to be able to determine the effectiveness of your change. Discuss one way you will be able to evaluate whether your project made a difference in practice.

Sample Solution

Evidence-based practice project

Evidence-based practice is the idea that occupational practices ought to be based on scientific evidence. One of the most important but often challenging steps in the evidence-based practice (EBP) process is ensuring that the change we wanted to happen actually occurred. After a practice change has been implemented, it`s important to ask if the expected outcome was achieved. Patient-related outcomes can be psycho-social, physiologic, or functional. One method that would facilitate in determination of the effectiveness of the evidence based practice is to conduct a premortem. Identifying which outcomes to measure and how to measure them is part of the planning process for practice change. A unique way to identify outcomes and to plan for successful implementation is to conduct a premortem on your project. The process helps to identify outcome measurement strategies, barriers to implementation, and ideas to aid in successful implementation.

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