Family Law Act in Canada

Respond to the following question based on the scenario:
While attending a domestic complaint, you encounter a man who is upset. He and his wife are separated and she has a court order that gives her exclusive possession of the family home. She is threatening to damage his prized trophies, which were to remain in the house until the divorce was finalized.
She is becoming less and less compliant with the agreed upon parts of the separation agreement. You attend the residence and attempt to mediate things with the wife.
1. What advice do you give?
2. What steps would you take to resolve and de-escalate this matter?

Sample Answer

Family law is a branch of private or civil law that concerns itself with disputes arising out of family setups like divorce, succession among other things of similar nature. In countries like Canada, family law is outstandingly statute-based and the federal government has original and exclusive jurisdiction over divorce and marriages within the meanings of section 91(26) of the constitution Act of 1867. However, the primary piece of legislation attending to matters arising accruing upon separation and divorce is the divorce Act

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