Global Automakers target low-income consumers

Questions: 10-11
Assess the prospect for driverless cars. Once the technology is perfected what obstacles will google have to overcome before the concepts become widely adopted?

Low- cost cars such as the Nano and Datsun lack the multi-ilayered safety and quality features required by regulators in high-income markets. Is it appropriate to create "bare-bones" cars with fewer safety features for emerging markets?

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After utilization of liquor one looses discretion. In families, it brings about fight between spouse, wife and youngsters and attack on them. It makes appalling climate at home and the youngsters think it better to venture out from home. This may likewise prompt commission of wrongdoing by such baffled youngster. The absence of control in family is profoundly dangerous to the youngster. The youngster ought to be checked at whatever point it is important else they may enjoy commission of offense.

(vii) Peer Group

The conduct of an individual to a great extent relies upon his friends. A portion of the people (generally in high schooler ages) structure packs in which various people partner together in bunch action which regularly rises into criminal inclination (Rogers, 1960). Packs go about as a contributory factor to adolescent misconduct. Young men and young ladies frequently learn methods of carrying out wrongdoings in posses. Group is pretty much a methods for passing on strategies of misconducts, of preparing in wrongdoing, of defending its individuals occupied with wrongdoing and of keeping up coherence in wrongdoing (Kaldate, 1982). In the event that a kid stays with a group alongside different delinquents, he gets greater chance and incessant possibility of drawing in himself in wrongdoing. He joins group to verify everything which he doesn't get something else.

(viii) Nature of Society

The idea of society whether equitable or dictator, additionally decides the occurrence of reprobate conduct of the kids in that society. In addition, the living space of individuals in the public eye is additionally one of the parts of society which will in general influence adolescent wrongdoing. For example, the provincial and urban settings in India are vastly different as far as occupation, training and relational relationship. These distinctions appear to have differentially influenced the occurrence of misconduct in these two populaces and this perspective should be additionally considered.

(ix) The socio-social condition

The socio-social condition is additionally a significant factor in the causation of juve