How Do We Face the Challenge of Race?

In Anna Holmes’ “Variety Show,” the author argues that institutions like businesses and the media claim to embrace diversity but fail so completing in achieving it that the word itself is almost without meaning. Using Holmes’ essay, write a paper in which you analyze the problem of racial and ethnic diversity.

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A Prayer for Owen Meany, by John Irving, is a novel revolved around Owen’s association with God, and how Owen’s firm confidence has driven him to see God’s larger arrangement and to turn into an instrument of this higher force. All through the novel, Irving utilizes little and apparently insignificant subtleties that in the long run meet up and are uncovered to be instrumental in satisfying Owen and John’s destiny. It is through these subtleties that Irving outlines the nearness of God and his overall arrangement, indicating that everything that occurs in the story has a deliberate and basic reason. Irving not just recommends the presence of a higher arrangement, yet additionally underlines the significance of unadulterated confidence in having the option to see God’s arrangement and his quality. He derides characters in the story, similar to Mr. Merrill, who can’t “accept without seeing,” and need substantial evidence to certify their confidence in God. Irving recommends that God has an arrangement for everybody, except it takes genuine confidence and surrender of any uncertainty to see this.

Irving utilizes numerous little subtleties all through the novel that are later uncovered to be purposeful to outline this dynamic of a more prominent arrangement following up on everybody’s life. Owen accepts he is an instrument in leading God’s arrangement, and he encourages a portion of these little, yet significant subtleties. Not just has Owen expressly said “GOD HAS TAKEN MY HANDS. I AM GOD’S INSTRUMENT,”(87) however Irving has likewise utilized representations to show a portion of the features of Owen. Irving looks at him to a precious stone wheel, where both the haggle have a “constant voice” and they “commit no errors, or just the client’s mistakes,”(483) alluding to Owen job as an apparatus of God. The jewel wheel is likewise a huge detail in that Owen utilized it to remove John’s finger with the expectation that he didn’t need to go to Vietnam due to the damage, in this manner not placing himself in peril when Owen bites the dust. Remaining predictable with the depiction that both the haggle don’t commit errors, this really guaranteed John would be with Owen during his demise since Owen wouldn’t wind up meeting his destiny in Vietnam. Owen has known his precise passing and time, where he bites the dust sparing Vietnamese youngsters, for a considerable length of time. This is a result of this that a portion of the subtleties in Owen’s activities are uncovered toward the finish of the book to be so conscious. John and Owen have polished what they call “The Shot” for a considerable length of time, where John dispatches Owen up to dunk a ball. This from the start appears to be irrelevant, however winds up being essential in satisfying God’s arrangement for Owen’s demise. At the point when the day came, and Dick tossed the explosive at the gathering of kids, Owen and John utilized the starting procedure they had drilled for a considerable length of time to hurl Owen to the window to keep the projectile out of mischief’s way. Everything about the shot reemerged at this peak, where the window was said to be “in any event ten feet high,”(611) the specific stature of a ball band, and John said “I figured we had around two seconds left”(613) when their objective for a considerable length of time had been to do it under three seconds. Indeed, even the reason for Owen’s voice was uncovered, where “it was [Owen’s] voice that constrained the kids to tune in to him,”(612) permitting the kids to quiet down and remain away. Irving utilizes these hyper-explicit subtleties in the novel that return with an undeniable reason to duplicate the sentiment of deliberacy for each and every activity, in this way recommending there is an all inclusive arrangement sanctioned by God.

In the novel, relatively few characters are ardent and genuine Christians, and the novel ridicules their dithering in confidence. Irving shows their numbness in contrast with Owen, who is just ready to see God’s quality in light of his trust in confidence.