How to keep peace with a roommate

What steps does it take to keep peace with your roomate?

Sample Answer

Peace is integral for harmonious living and comfort of the environment. To live peacefully with my roommate, I have learnt to respect his values upon which he subscribes so as to avoid any conflict that might arise. But in cases where such arises, which do happen many times, I have learnt to always listen to him and apologize whenever am in the wrong.

Probably the best quality that I have perceived would need to be my capacity to be an adaptable in any conditions. I find that expertise while managing dubious, capricious work circumstances while I was functioning as a secretary in an inn, where capacity of taking care of issues inventively and adjusting to novel circumstances or dynamic circumstances are fundamental. Additionally, I accept that adaptability helps in any sort of work environment. These days, being adaptable with workers is useful for business. It constructs representative trust and responsibility, pulls in and keep key ability, just as drives everybody to discover arrangements that work for each one of those included.

Stress obstruction

Note that my pressure resilience hushes up high, which I for all intents and purposes improved. In perspective on the way that learning at college once in a while alludes to being under the weight as a result of the challenges of subjects, planning for the tests and so on. Besides, it should be said that businesses look for those laborers who can keep up compelling execution under strain or misfortune. There are numerous occupations that require a possibility to have the option to work under strain and who can adapt to various degrees of stress. Additionally, stress resistance is amazingly helps in correspondence with colleagues and taking care of any sort of issues at work.


In actuality, my collaboration aptitudes created from my adolescence. In any case, its improved by doing bunch introductions, assignments with my groupmates. I accept that, having groups can bring about quicker and proficient yields with better basic leadership abilities. "Meeting up is a start. Keeping together is progress. Cooperating is success"(Ford, 1923). Relatively, there are different