HPV vaccination in reducing the rate of HPV infections help improve patient care quality

Write a literature review of your change project topic(the use of HPV vaccination in reducing the rate of HPV infections help improve patient care quality, which then improves patient outcomes.) using peer-reviewed articles and books, as well as non-research literature such as evidence-based guidelines, toolkits, and standardized procedures. Identify and cite all sources of data according to APA guidelines. The goal is to review and critique the most current research to support your change project; this research will help drive the focus of your research. Summarize the key findings and provide a transition to the methods, intervention, or clinical protocol section of your final paper. Describe any gaps in knowledge that you found and the effects this may have on nursing practice as it relates to your change project topic

Sample Answer


The fast development of industrialization and urbanization has prompted extension of intends to correspondence, travel offices and proliferations of perspectives through press and stage. Movement of people to new places where they are outsiders offers them open door for wrongdoing as odds of location are limited impressively.

(ii) Cultural clashes

In a powerful society, social change is an inescapable marvel. The effect of modernization urbanization and industrialization in a quickly changing society may here and there bring about social disorder and this may prompted culture clashes between various valves of various segments of society. The migration influences the wrongdoing pace of a spot. Culture struggle among occupants and foreigners brings about freak conduct. Ruth and Cavan found that Eskimos who are as yet not free from the issue of wrongdoing till now. How they much of the time enjoy into degenerate conduct, for example, sauntering tipsiness and sex offenses because of their movement to urban territories and implicit agreement with non-Eskiness. India has confronted this issue during Indo-Pak segment days in 1947 and Bangladesh in 1971. There was in surge of 'Evacuees' from Sindh and North West wildernesses locale in 1947, which separated their conventional social structure of Indian Society and came about into tremendous increment in wrongdoing.

(iii) Family foundation

This factor additionally impels or urges the Juvenile to carry out for offense/wrongdoing in the public arena. Sutherland said that the family foundation has most prominent effect on the criminal conduct of guilty party or Juvenile. The Children are able to assimilate criminal propensities, in the event that they discover their folks or individuals from the family carrying on in the comparative way. A kid who is raised in a messed up family is probably going to confront a simple prey to guiltiness. The absence of parental authority over kids because of death, separation, or renunciation of parent or their numbness or ailment may outfit relieving ground for kids to fall back on criminal acts. The incessant squabbles among guardians, undue control of one over the other, advance nurturing treatment with kids, visit births in the family, unethical behavior of guardians, hopelessness, povert