Human resources.

Discuss the relationship between managers and human resources. Provide examples to support your answer.

Sample Answer

Human resource is a departmental function within an organization that is solely concerned with the affairs of employees and issues related to individuals such as compensation, benefits, recruitment and hiring, onboarding employees, performance and management training. The human resource department must work with the organizations management in order to create training and development programs that are integral in fostering a good employee relationship and also guide managers on improving staff satisfaction and morale.


This report is proposed on talking about the passage technique of a neighborhood Nigerian put together coconut Chip Company expected with respect to infiltrating into the European market. it would feature and talk about the PESTEL elements of France which is the passage nation. Likewise the report would feature a few issues liable to be looked by the business on passage into Europe. Likewise a couple of proposals would be recommended to the governing body for further audit.


Europe is the world's second littlest landmass by surface zone, covering about 10,180,000km² or 2% of the world's surface and about 6.8% of its territory region. Europe is comprised of a sum of 51 nations with the biggest nations being Russia and the littlest being the Vatican City. Europe is the third-most crowded landmass after Africa and Asia, with a populace of 739-743 million or about 11% of the total populace.


France, authoritatively the French republic ( Republique Françoise) is a sovereign state including a region in western Europe and a few abroad areas and regions. France ranges about 640,679km² and has a populace of 67 million. France is additionally a solid and standing individual from the European Union and is the biggest nation in the association. France is likewise an individual from the Euro zone which consequently makes France an euro € delicate nation. The official language of France is French and Catalan; likewise an individual from the Shenzhen zone. As the nation picked by the top managerial staff for European passage, a few variables must be considered before section into the French market, a portion of these components incorporate;


France is a created nation; the world of politics is steady as in there is no political issue, no wars, low level debasement, and no contentions; this is a decent factor which can pull in financial specialists and new business passage. In another manner setting up a business in France requires a great deal of capital from the speculators. In specific domains in France like: Mayotte, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, Wallis and Futuna, Monaco, the administration has fixed a speculation point of confinement of 1,500,000 Euros for remote endeavors. Indeed the legislature has explained an exact rundown of assessment or obligatory commitments which must be paid by agents in France. The administration of France has no control on religions or culture, there is no strategy expressed by the legislature to limit any new section of any business which isn't coordinating with the 'accepts' of the French populace.

Conservative FACTOR

Financial factors, for example, feature: loan costs, level of expansion and work, total national output of the nation (GDP), per capita pay, etc. The GDP genuine development pace of France has expanded from an untouched low of $11154.68 in 1960 to $36075.58 in 2014 (World Bank report, 2014), this uncovers a superior financial circumstance of the pays despite the fact that the marvel of downturn became possibly the most important factor, France has in reality endured the monetary emergency superior to the next huge nations of Europe. The GDP per capita has moved from $35216.5, $35678.63 to $35669.59 in 2010, 2012 and 2014 individually (Gow, 2014); this shows an elevated expectation position of GDP per capita of France which uncovers a decent monetary circumstance of the nation. The joblessness rate was recorded at 10.3% in the second quarter of 2015, and the populace neediness line was 60.2% in 2015 (BBC News, 2015).


France populace in 2015 is 66,317,994. The age structures of France populace are 0-4years 18.5%, 15-64 years 65% and 65 years above have 16.5%.The populace development pace of France is 0.549%.The future of France, male normal age is 77.78 years and female normal age is 84.34 years (graph 2). The proficiency pace of France has 99% of all out populace. France is profoundly creating nation there are 75 percent of the individuals remaining in the urban communities. There are two dialects spoken in France one as French and another is Catalan however with the globalization of the world English has immediately pressed itself in to fill in as the third communicated in language. The French individuals are glad for their language which is acclaimed worldwide and furthermore shows their personality. There are various religions, Roman Catholics (33%), Muslim (21%), and Hindu (14%) and others which are on the whole openly rehearsed (chart 1). The French individuals share an incredible energy of nourishment. France is extremely celebrated for food, wines and cheddar.

Graph 1

Graph demonstrating strict conveyance in France

Chart 2




France has a great logical and mechanical condition. Just like the universes 4Th modern power, one of the world chief in space innovation, in atomic vitality, in PC designing, in natural insurance (, 2015). All the credit France owes to its quality instruction framework which incorporates 230 building schools and 87 colleges which are outstanding for their examination. Innovative and modern development financed by the administration helps in expanding the way of life of individuals. France spends about 2.2% of its GDP for the improvement of its innovation and mechanical development (on innovative work). Number of patent application in a nation demonstrates how a procedure or item offers another specialized answer for an issue. The sum France gets by sending out its R and D, for example, in PCs, logical instruments; aviation and electrical apparatus is about $93,209,237,841(2009).There is inquire about credit charge (CIR credit import examine), it Is a corporate assessment help which government swears off the use of the firm on its R and D activities. The innovative record of France is 4.65.


In France, timberland covers about 30.3% of land. France is the principal nation to have a different service for condition. France is been positioned seventeenth for carbon dioxide emanation. The EPI score for France is 78.2 and it holds seventh position. This could be accomplished as Frances 78% of vitality generation originates from atomic power. France has even forced a carbon charge. It is around 17 Euros for every ton of carbon dioxide produced. It contributes about 4.5 billion Euros for each year. France carbon discharge is about 382,870kt. Being an individual from G8 France has chosen to stop its carbon emanation by about 20% since 2012. (, 2015)


Business laws

Employing: Written agreement are compulsory to all evaluations and levels. It ought to be in French. Terminating: workers can't be expelled except if the association determines one of the paws referenced in the French law. The expulsion procedure on disciplinary premise is authentic and bombing a useful advance, even where the terminating is obviously sensible on the benefits, May impacts in the Courts toppling the terminating and requesting the review of the worker (, 2015).

Tax collection

The present standard rate is at 19.6%. The diminished rate (for nourishment and books) is 5.5%. A particular pace of 2.1 % applies just to the medications taken in control by the Social Security. The net income of VAT in 2008 is 126 billion euro. (, 2015)

Endowment strategy

Are material to horticultural and green transformation organizations (supporting 'spare earth').


Strategies on direct speculation streams are there since 1984-1985. Both internal and outward streams are at a higher rate.


• Competition: as another organization in the European market, it is just appropriate and savvy for the business to evaluate its rivals and make it highest need to assume control over the market.

• Changing purchaser taste: as a business previously settled in Nigeria, the organization comprehend that buyer taste changes with time. This adjustment in buyer taste will be another experience for the organization after passage into the European market and a nearby eye must be kept on these changes.

• Language and social boundaries: as an organization coming into France which is profoundly a French talking organization, data went crosswise over must be clear, exact and justifiable by the clients and nearby specialists to abstain from misconception and irreconcilable situation. Social contrasts make certain to exist and ought to be regarded in like manner.

• Route to advertise: as another item in the market, accessibility of the item to the last shopper ought to be of fundamental significance. Straightforward entry to an item has demonstrated to expand item deal by an extensive sum. All channels imaginable for promoting and profiting item ought to be considered for example web deals, home conveyances, general stores, candy machines and shopping centers.


For any business which means on internationalizing itself into another market, such an endeavor must consider a great deal of elements before moving in; solidness of the strategies, economy of the locale, among different variables. Analyzing the PESTEL elements of France, I would recommend France as an appropriate market for the accompanying reasons.

A steady and serene condition is constantly a success for any new and existing business adventure, and France is a nation which appreciates such political solidness without any wars, entomb racial clashes and the legislature has given security and assurance of individuals and property high consideration. While in Nigeria which is a creating nation, political steadiness appears to be a long ways from great, with strict wars, unfaltering difference in government, high debasement scale and a high furnished theft rate accordingly obstructing wellbeing of products and property which is ugly for remote venture and business development.

Besides, France has the world's 6th biggest economy by ostensible figures and the ninth biggest economy by PPP figures. It has the third-biggest economy in Europe; OECD is headquartered in Paris, the country's money related capital. The economy of France is so steady and huge that it is 12.75 occasions bigger than that of Nigeria which is the second biggest economy in Africa. This high