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Read Orby Dobbins – Eyewitness Testimony for the Prosecution called during the 2nd set of Scottsboro trials (Alabama v. Haywood Patterson in 1933).
Write a 1-2 page essay analyzing the reliability of Dobbins’s eye witness testimony from the second Scottsboro trial after the Powell Court reversed and
remanded the convictions. In your analysis, apply at least 3 specific system or estimator variables as outlined by the NAS Report or the Henderson opinion to
attack any potential weaknesses you find in Dobbins’s testimony regarding what he saw on the day the alleged rapes occurred. Please utilize the IRAC (IssueRule-Analysis-Conclusion) methodology for each of the 3 variables you select.

Sample Solution

In 1933, Orby Dobbins provided eye witness testimony for the prosecution during the second Scottsboro trial of Haywood Patterson. In analyzing the reliability of his testimony, several system and estimator variables as outlined by both the NAS Report and Henderson opinion should be taken into account . One such variable is that of stress , which can negatively affect an individual’s memory in terms of accuracy and completeness (NAS, 2017).
< br>Issue : Does stress have a negative impact on accuracy and completeness of memory?

Rule: It has long been established that when someone experiences heightened levels of stress it can impair their ability to recall information accurately or completely (NAS,2017)
< br > Analysis: At the time Dobbins gave his testimony he was likely under some degree of duress as this was a high profile case with regards to racial injustice. Additionally , considering he had no prior relationship with any individuals involved in this trial it is likely that he felt even more pressure to provide accurate information while testifying.
< br >Conclusion : Therefore , based on these considerations it can be concluded that due to elevated levels of stress Dobbins may have been unable to recall all details from what he witnessed on the day in question which could adversely affect its validity .

Another relevant factor when examining Dobbins’s eye witness testimony involves cross-racial identification bias . This phenomenon occurs when people are less accurate at recognizing faces from another race than those within their own (Henderson et al., 2019).
< br>Issue: Is cross-racial recognition bias a factor ? < br >< br >Rule : Studies indicate that people tend to be less accurate at recognizing faces from other races compared to those belonging within their own (Henderson et al.,2019 ). < br >< br >Analysis: At issue here is whether or not cross-racial identification bias played a role in how accurately Dobbins was able identify anyone present amongst the group accused since they were African American while he belonged to White race.

Conclusion : Thus , given evidence indicating poorer recognition abilities amongst different races it is possible that there may have been some degree error associated with his identification process which could potentially lead one question its reliability.

< Br > Issue : Is inconsistency between multiple accounts indicative lack credibility ?< Br >< Br >Rule: If witness offers differing versions about certain events then this raises doubts about veracity (NAS,2017 ). < Br >< Br>Analysis : During his initial statements before court , Dobbin’s described having seen two fights occurring simultaneously but later changed his story saying there was only one altercation taking place. This discrepancy between two separate narratives implies inconsistencies which could call into question truthfulness regarding overall account provided by him.

Conclusion: Therefore based upon difference between original and revised recollections presented by Dobbin’s it appears as though there might be reasons for doubt concerning veracity behind what occurred during incident being discussed herein.



The Revenger’s Tragedy

Misfortune of Avengers What sort of misfortune is this? By definition, the misfortune is “a staggering, excruciating, dismal occasion”. Notwithstanding, the awfulness of Avengers doesn’t uncover every one of these highlights. It is frightful and abnormal, loaded with wicked, brutal, dead and maniacal grisly clarifications, however this is certainly not a dismal story. Instead of cause the crowd to feel distress, they regularly draw mind blowing doubtful feelings. The reason for the misfortune isn’t inefficient sorrow, however to utilize retaliation as a persuading intends to cause contempt.

Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” shows the overall components found in the awfulness of the retribution of the renaissance (“misfortune of vengeance”). Be that as it may, despite the fact that Hamlet is a misfortune of vengeance, Shakespeare confounds the essential retribution plot by making three vengeance plots. By including significant advancements, Shakespeare makes ‘Ship of the Concentric Revenge Miwa’ (Frye 90) which is definitely not a physical legend yet a phantom, not an apparition, yet a scholarly saint who is an issue. did. viewpoint

In this investigation of retribution and vengeance of Elizabeth ‘s vengeance, the two plays I see are the “Hamlet” of William Shakespeare and “The Tragedy of Avengers” of Thomas Middleton. After first observing the treatment of the dramatist ‘s Avengers’ character, different characters in the play will deal with the Avengers. Despite the fact that their essential topic and shows are comparable, the two plays show a differentiating picture of vengeance; rather than “Vindicator’s misfortune”, Hamlet is an increasingly complex of his hero Provide treatment restricted by the creator’s social data and lacking

The awfulness of vengeance (some of the time called retribution dramatization, vengeance show or grisly misfortune) is a sort of hypothesis whose fundamental subject is the deadly aftereffect of vengeance and retribution. American instructor Ashley H. Thorndiek formally reported the awfulness of vengeance in the 1902 article “Connection among Hamlet and contemporary retribution show”, recorded the advancement of the hero’s retribution plan, and frequently killers and Avengers Brought about his own passing. This sort previously showed up in the early current British distributed by Thomas Kid’s “Misfortune of Spain” in the last 50% of the sixteenth century. Early works, for example, Jasper Heywood ‘s Seneca (1560’ s), Thomas Norton and Thomas Sackville ‘s play Gorbuduc (1561) were additionally viewed as a misfortune of vengeance. Different misfortunes of renowned retribution incorporate the awfulness of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet (1599-1602), Titus Andronics (1588-1593), Thomas Middleton’s Avengers (around 1606).

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