Policy analysis memo

Write a policy analysis memo to a public official, either at the level of national, state, or local government.

Sample Answer

For a few, this experience is a need and a craving and can't be come to at a junior college. Despite the fact that the college experience appears the best a great time, having a littler situation can likewise be useful. With a little domain comes a little class size allowing you the chance to have increasingly one on one time with an educator, as opposed to being in an immense class and your teacher scarcely knowing what your identity is (Riskey).

It is a lot simpler to get into a junior college than a college. They have unique, less severe regulatory prerequisites, giving the feeling that lone individuals who can't get into a college go there. In any case, that isn't in every case genuine. Educational cost assumes a significant job on where secondary school graduates can promote their instruction. Colleges educational cost becomes 19x quicker than the middle family pay (Lipson and Stern). Junior college offers a lot less expensive educational cost and the alternative to move to a college a while later. While transfering, colleges regularly don't see GPA, SAT, or ACT from secondary school, allowing you to begin once again. Understudies who move measurably have a higher GPA than understudies who have gone to a college since first year (Mathur).

Junior colleges are normally a multi year school where the remaining task at hand is viewed as lighter (Scholarships). To a few, this perspective appears as though the path of least resistance. For other people, this could be the best chance. While understudies are joined up with junior college, they can do most things and some of the time considerably beyond what they could while in secondary school. Understudies can work and even accommodate their family while going to due to the adaptability of their calendar (Lipson and Stern).

To make a supposition that somebody isn't savvy since they go to a junior college isn't right. Various measurements can demonstrate that some students from other schools even surpass college understudies GPA. The tried and true way of thinking that college understudies are more intelligent is something that many accept to be valid. The basic purpose behind individuals' school decisions here and there doesn't have to do with their scholarly capacity. Junior college understudies can be similarly as keen as a college understudy.