Rational Choice Theory

Watch the film 'Girl Trouble' on Kanopy and answer the following questions separately. Answers should be based on the film and readings on Deterrence and Rational Choice Theories. Break your answers into paragraphs and clearly indicate which question you are answering (e.g. question 1, question 2). 1page single space, size 12 font, Times New Rome

Link to film: https://csustan.kanopy.com/video/girl-trouble-0

Question 1: What factors to Shangra, Stephanie, and Sheila each consider while contemplating deviant behavior?

Question 2: Are there influences beyond their free will that led to the deviant or criminal behavior? What were these influences?

Sample Answer

Rationale theory has become a common and outstanding topic in economic, sociology, law and political science among other fields of study. It is premised on the ground that individuals depend on rational discussions to make rational choices based on individual’s interest. In comparison, deterrence theory stipulates that the fear of punishment can make an individual not break the law especially if the punishment outweighs reward. Combining these theories together, we get the general belief that in every action taken there is rationale behind each of them. In relation to the film ‘Girl Trouble’ on Kanopy the theory has predominantly been used and such provide a precise exemplification as illustrated below.

In the business world, and indeed, in for all intents and purposes each part of day by day living, quantitative strategies are utilized to aid basic leadership. So as to work successfully in a cutting edge business association, regardless of whether the association is a private business organization, an administration office, a state industry or whatever, chiefs must have the option to utilize quantitative procedures in a certain and dependable way. Bookkeepers settle on choices dependent on the data identifying with the money related condition of association. Financial specialists settle on choice dependent on the data identifying with the monetary system where the association works. Showcasing staff settle on choices dependent on client reaction to item and plan.

Staff supervisors settle on choices dependent on the data identifying with the degrees of work in the association, etc. Such data is progressively quantitative and it is obvious that supervisors need a working information on the methodology and procedures proper for dissecting and assessing such data. Such investigation and surely the business assessment can't be appointed to the pro analyst or mathematician, who, proficient however they may be at refined numerical examination will every now and again have minimal generally speaking comprehension of the business significance of such investigation.

The significance of quantitative techniques for directors

The quantitative techniques contain two segment parts, the quantitative and strategy, with hilter kilter thoughtfulness regarding the quantitative term.

Talking about strategy, intrigue is engaged upon the supposed Scientific Method. Science is the acing of things of this present reality, by information about reality. The term strategy drives to discourse on procedure in science which is obfuscated, as the expression logical technique is utilized in two distinct ways. The one is extremely broad, as a procedure of improving comprehension. Albeit ambiguous, it is considered as an incredible definition, since it leaves space for condemning narrow minded sticking to convictions and preferences, or acknowledging cautious and efficient thinking about observational proof. The other is the customary sense, and supports that there is a special standard strategy, which is fundamental to personality of the science. As a result, logical advancement requires numerous techniques, so there is certifiably not a remarkable standard strategy, however educated as a clear testing speculations got from hypotheses so as to test those hypotheses. The more satisfactory meaning of logical technique is a procedure by which researchers, all in all and after some time, attempt to build a precise (that is solid, predictable and non-self-assertive) portrayal of this present reality. The well known hypothetic-deductive standard technique is barring thought of the procedure of revelation in science. Or maybe, look into is characterized as an infiltrating procedure of learning and un